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Epic Dolls Special Annoucement

Check out the Epic Dolls website for info about the upcoming Extra Life charity gaming marathon coming up on Oct. 17 and how to sponsor Leala. Also make sure to check out http://www.mmovoices.ning.com and sign up. MMO Voices is a new social networking site where you can post blogs, pictures, videos, chat and even find lots of great gaming podcasts. Thanks for downloading!

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Extra Life 2009 – Gaming for a Good Cause


The Sarcastic Gamer Podcast is hosting an amazing 24 hour gaming marathon charity event. The Epic Dolls are going to help but we need YOU! You can take part in one of two ways.

1. Sponsor Our Team

You can sponsor the Epic Dolls team by clicking this link and hitting the “donate now” button. You can give as much as you’d like or as little as $1 an hour for 24 hours of gaming. You give, we play and everyone wins.

2. Join Our Team

If you want to be an even greater part of the event, you can join the Epic Dolls team. Just click on this link and hit “create a fundraising page and join my team”. You then sign up and commit to getting 4 sponsors for yourself at a minimum of $24 each. Then you play games with the Dolls for 24 hours on October 17.

This is a great event for an even greater cause. Its easy for us to all get wrapped up in our games and daily lives. Lets not forget about those who are taking on bigger challenges in life than raiding. These kids are truly Epic and they need our help.

From the Extra Life Website:

Extra Life 2009 will take place on Saturday, October 17th, 2009 as gamers from all corners of the globe come together for a 24-hour video game marathon raising money to strike a blow against pediatric cancer. Last year, our first year, Extra Life raised more than $120,000 and was put together in just a couple of months. This year, we’re starting early and throwing open the doors of Extra Life to anyone who wants to have fun while making a difference.

Please make plans NOW to join us on October 17th, starting at 8:00am in your local time zone.

Sign up and get ready for a life changing experience! Play Games. Heal Kids.

MMO Voices Social Network

Check out the new MMO/gaming social network site created by Beau and Leala Turkey at MMO Voices. The site is free and ad free (supported by donations) and is a great way to connect to the community and try your hand at blogging with a built-in audience. The site has members from the online community of lots of games including WoW and is a great place to hang out. The site features podcasts, blogs, photo hosting, videos, events, friends lists and chat. Every member gets their own page to update with their profile, pics, videos and blogs. It is truly a community driven effort and is totally moderated and work-safe. Check it out and sign up today!


RAWRCON: Blizzcon Saturday LIVE with Rawrcast and Leala Turkey!

RAWRCON: Blizzcon Saturday

Everyone in the World of Warcraft fan Community is super excited about the happenings and news surrounding Blizzcon this August, but not everyone can attend. So, what’s the next best thing?

RAWRCON: Blizzcon Saturday!
Join Rawrcast LIVE August 22nd, at 4PM, CST, for loads of Blizzcon coverage and recaps LIVE from StompRot Studios as they are joined by a full panel of guests.

As if you need another reason to join in the fun… WIN a HUGE SWAG SACK filled with prizes and gear from J!NX, Razer, WoW Eh?, WoW TCG Loot, Figure Prints and Curse! Follow Stompalina on twitter and Facebook, and register for the show’s discussion forums for a chance to win your sack!

RAWRCON is shaping up to be the biggest Rawrcast ever, and you can help to spread the excitement! Spread the Rawr and WIN a Razer Lycosa Keyboard and Death Adder Mouse. Visit www.rawrcast.com for more details on how to win!


Hosting Issues

If you are having trouble downloading the podcast just keep trying, the mp3 host is having issues but it should be working soon. Thanks.

Epic Dolls Episode 69 – Changes, Thank Yous and Goodbyes

Leala is joined this time on Epic Dolls by Salty Kat and Stardancer to talk about change. Change in the game with Patch 3.2, change in guilds with raiding, change in our personal playstyles and change with the podcast.


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Thanks to our sponsors, Murderface the Insane, Lisa, Weelyn and Samsarah, Sofialorena and Matadora from the Blades of Azeroth guild on the gilneas server and THE OTHER SIDE guild on the Cenarion Circle server.

Music by Badly Drawn Boy.

Special thank you and /love to Katerina, Stardancer, Illidarian, Hunter Haley, Rae, Roswynn, Velanna, Crawl, Sesshomaru and the rest of the Epic Dolls Guild, Fimlys from Twisted Nether, Stompalina and Hafrot from Rawrcast, Steve and David from Inside Azeroth, Patrick from How I WoW, Mike and Turpster from WoW.com, Wych, Wemb and Temp from Bind on Equip, Scott Johnson from the Instance, Molly from Women of Warcraft, Brent and all the other amazing podcasters at VirginWorlds and anyone else who I may have forgotten.

Follow Leala on Twitter at @epicdolls and Stardancer at @Stardancerelf and her blog at http://houseofstormrage.com/stardancer/ and Illidarian’s blog at http://illidarian.livejournal.com/.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our time here at the Epic Dolls podcast. Keep in touch.

New Guild Website & Twitter

The Epic Dolls guild has a brand spanking new fancy website with lots of updates and info about the guild. Check it out! Also, all future guild podcasts will be hosted there.


And while you are at it, follow Leala on Twitter at @epicdolls.

Keep in touch. =)

Epic Dolls Episode 68 – Off the Path with Kelly Aarons

This show is a special episode of “Off the Beaten Path”. Stardancer with guest hosts Illidarian and Ria, take a moment to talk with Kelly Aarons from World of Warcraft, Eh? online comic. They talk about everything from WoW, drawing, and comics to flight form, microwaves, “geeky stuff”, and women gamers/developers and entrepeneurs! Enjoy

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Epic Dolls Episode 67 – Out-of-Game Relationships

We are back this week a little late (sorry) to talk about a bit of news including the new druid forms. We give a big thanks and farewell to the Elunes Grace Podcast. Stardancer joins us “Off the Beaten Path” and Illidarian teaches us about Korialstrasz. We also continue our discussion on the social side of WoW, this time talking about our out-of-game relationships. How do your relate to people in your life who don’t understand your hobby?  Can gamers and non-gamers meet in the middle? Listen and enjoy.


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Thanks to our sponsors  Salty Shadygrove and Salty Dorpheus as well as Murderface, our Virginworlds sponsor.

Music by Band of Horses.

Epic Dolls June Guild Update Podcast

This time on the show Leala is joined by Augustus and Riata to talk about what the guild’s been up to lately. We talk about raiding in Ulduar and our plans for a second raid team. We thank our new volunteers on the welcome wagon team and give grats to our new officer, Sess. Make sure to check out all the cool things on the forums including our new RP section for the guild and Augustus’s video quest guides. We also welcome our new members and give grats to those who hit level 80 this month. Be there or be square for our Disco Night party on Sun. June 28 7PM Server in Ungoro crater. Enjoy!

Check it out exclusively at our guild forums.