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Did something just freeze?

So wow, (really, WOW!) I looked outside my office window yesterday and a pig flew by. For the record, no, it was not wearing lipstick, but that is neither here nor there. Feeling a chill that was distinctly unrelated to the impending arrival of autumn, I hurried to the forums, where it was confirmed by a blue that Blizzard is immediately removing the restriction on Character Transfers from PvE servers to PvP servers. (more…)

Epic Dolls Guild Update Podcast September

This month we welcome our guest host Ignisia to the show and talk about some fun stuff relating to the guild. We cover the new guild application process and how it works. We also give updates on our stellar week in Kara. Check out the cool Voice Overlay program for vent that makes it easier to tell who’s talking. We welcome an amazing 22 new members and give grats to our members who hit 70 and 60 this month! Also make sure to mark down the guild event for the month, Leala’s B-Day Bash, on Sept. 21 at 2PM Server Time. Be there or be square!

Check it out exclusively at our forums.

Sleeper Summer Showdown

Join the Dolls and the Sleeper Cartel for the biggest party this summer! Roll up an alt and join us for an evening of fun and games. The party will be held Saturday, July 26th, 2008 @ 7pm Perenolde server time (MST) in Elwynn Forest, Alliance side. More info at http://www.sleepercartel.com.

What’s In a Name? (or, Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Toon)

In a virtual world filled with “Ikeelu” and “Ugonnadie”, choosing the perfect name for your toon can be a big decision. It’s the label that you put upon yourself, the way you will be identified for the life of that character. If you choose to make the toon your “main”, it will become your online personality, and the reputation attached to that name will follow you through all your travels within Azeroth.

So, what’s the best name to choose for your toon? Blizzard has a few hard-and-fast guidelines that players are expected to follow when naming a game character, which include rules restricting names which may be offensive, reference real-world people or places, are full or partial sentences, or which may be pure gibberish. If Blizzard finds that you’ve created a toon with a name like this, you will be asked to change the name.

With all these restrictions, how does one name a character in a unique manner? I’ve assembled a few tips that may be helpful in choosing the perfect name for your next character. (more…)

Leala’s an Addicted Gamer!

This week I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Peter for the Addicted Gamer podcast. It was a great time and I got to share a lot about my gaming history and what WoW means to me. I hope you’ll check it out if you want to hear me babble even more than normal. =) Also please forgive the audio issues, darn Skype!

Check it out at VirginWorlds.com.

Epic Dolls Forums Rebuilding

The Epic Dolls Forums are going to be disappearing soon, as we are rebuilding the website and switching servers. You may need to re-sign-up when we move to the new forum host. We’ll keep you updated right here. Thanks!

UPDATE: The old forums were unable to be saved unfortunately but the new ones are working and looking great. So you will need to sign up again on our new forums located at http://epicdolls.com/forums

Calli’s Column

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being patient with me while I got my real-life issues straightened out, and let you all know that I’m back, writing for Epic Dolls, answering your questions and offering my advice. Thanks again for your patience and the opportunity to share my knowledge with the rest of you!

Applications & Guilds – A Tool for Finding the “Perfect Fit”

People create guilds for a variety of reasons; for personal bank space, for a place to play with family and friends, or a way to set an ideal gaming environment for a larger group of players. Regardless of the reason your form your guild, one of the first things you must consider is the method of recruitment you wish to use.

Many new guilds utilize Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Recruitment Forums to get the word out that their guild is actively seeking members. Once that word is out, however, the next question is whether or not your guild will accept every person who requests membership. One way some guilds decide on whether a potential member will be a good fit is through a website-based application. (more…)

Bugs or Bombs?

My poor Venture Co, we are a low pop RP/PvP server. We are still working on building our forge. At least the job is getting done, slowly but surely. I am certainly enjoying the daily quests, most of which are fairly quick to complete. I certainly love the bonus Badges of Justice that sometimes find their way into my reward bags. I’m less fond of the statistically small but signifigant fraction of each faction that wants to turn Quel’Danas into a fifth type of Battleground. It’s quite certainly a different experience than the events leading up to the opening of the AQ instances, for which I was also around. I’ve seen the question bandied around in several communities I am in: Which kind of event is better? AQ style, or Sunwell style? (more…)

Dear Calli

Hello, Epic Dolls readers!

I wanted to write a quick note and let everyone who has enjoyed the “Dear Calli” column in the past couple of months know that this week, I will be taking a week off. The real-life person behind Callistana recently got a job (after nearly four years of being a stay-at-home mom), and I’m treating this week as an “adjustment period”.

Have no fear, however. I will return next Wednesday with a new “Dear Calli” column or a “Social Side” column. Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for giving me a week to adjust to this new role in my real life.

Take care, everyone!

Dear Calli

Dear Calli:

I am a female player who really enjoys raiding. I am also an under-officer in a large non-raiding guild. As you know, this game is dominated by guys. I’m finding it hard to maintain my “serious raider” and “officer” role with my “fun, friendly, chipper guildie” role. I find that I get unwanted comments that are of a flirtatious nature and I don’t know how to “combat” them without losing something in the process. Any advice?

An Officer and a Lady

Dear “Officer and a Lady”,

I have seen your problem before, and it’s a painful one. How do you balance a friendly, caring attitude toward your guild-mates while appearing as an assertive, competent woman? It can be maddening at times, and I’ve been there. I hope some of my advice can help you out a little.