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So many pets, so little time

I’m many things, a druid, a vanity pet nut, and in general a night elf Magpie (possibly some similar class to a Night Elf Mohawk?). “Ooooh” Briara says, “Shiny! I’ll keep it in my bank forever and ever!” Combined with the multiple sets of gear most ferals carry, you can imagine my bank space is tight. I carry ten vanity pets in my bags, and another thirty-something live in the bank and get swapped in and out on occasion. As enthusiastic as I am about collecting them, I only have 43 so far. I’ve had to constrain myself to only getting one color of the vendor pets. As a reference, there are 98 vanity pets in the game currently – halfway there! For a little something different today, and in recognition of the newest and possibly one of the coolest ones, I thought I’d share some of my favorite vanity pets and a (very) brief rundown of how to get them. So…lets go to a pet show.

Eggbert13. Eggbert – A quest reward only available during Children’s week. He comes from completing the Outlands orphans quest lines. You can find them at the Orphanage in Lower City. If you are not max on level or faction with Lower City, this quest is well worth doing for the nice bit of XP and faction you also get. Eggbert is a baby Chocobo, and has the cute habit of running madly all over the place. (And look at those big ole eyes!)

Oozeling12. Disgusting Oozeling – A world drop pet. Level 50+ slimes and oozes have a small chance of dropping Oozing Bags, and those bags have about a 1% chance of containing the pet. This pet has a negative effect on its’ owner when summoned, so you might not want it out while, well, doing anything other than sitting in town. But heck, it turns you neon green – what’s not to like?! The Ewwwzling is BoE, so you might occasionally find one on your Auction House.

Black Tabby11. Black Tabby – A world drop kitty pet with about a 20% rate off the rare NPC the Dalaran Spellscribe in Silverpine Forest. This NPC is only killable by Horde, so Alliance will need to have a cross faction friend help get it, or check the Neutral Auction Houses.

Kingsnake10. Black Kingsnake – Unlimited stock, purchase from the Snake Troll in Orgrimmnar, Xan’tish for 50 silver. I like snakes! Alliance will need a cross faction friend or check the neutral Auction Houses, factional pets will often be available for prices ranging from reasonable to wildly inflated.

Work Pup9. Worg Cage – Ah, old world dungeon crawls. How I hated LBRS back then. But if you want this little guy, you’ll be venturing deep into LBRS to find the requested worg pups. I imagine this quest is solable to most level 70’s. Talk to Kibler at Flame Crest to start this quest. He also has the quest to get the crystal spider pet, so if you are doing one quest, you might as well do both…

Firefly8. Firefly – A world drop pet, you will need to go kill Bogflare Needlers in the Zangermarsh until you are blue in the face, and then kill some more. If you were a fan of the much mourned Joss Whedon show “Firefly” you will appreciate his flavor text.

Hyacinth Macaw7. Hyacinth Macaw – A world drop pet which has the notable distinction of being the rarest drop rate pet in the game. Wage a genocidal war on the pirates of Stranglethorn Vale if you want one of these. (Or if you prefer to go the opposite tack, wage war on the guards of Booty Bay to become Hated with them, you can then do a quest to get the other insanely rare parrot, the Blood Parrot)

Sporebat6. Tiny Sporebat – Available once you reach Exalted with the Sporeggar faction, who can be found in the Zangermarsh. The cost is 30 Glowcaps, which are ground spawns all over Zanger. Once you have the proper rep and the caps, this little guy can be purchased from Mycah in the Sporeggar Village.

Panda Attack!5. Panda Cub – You only got it if you purchased the Collector’s Edition of the original World of Warcraft (The other special pets being the Zergling and Mini Diablo). Since there was also a special pet available with the Burning Crusade CE, I am hoping there will be one with Wrath’s CE too!

Sprite Darter4. Sprite Darter Hatchling – An Alliance only quest that runs you all over creation will eventually reward you with this gem of a little flying Faerie Drake. To start this chain, travel to Feralas and speak to Kindal Moonweaver. You will have to do a set of prerequisite quests starting with “Freedom for All Creatures.” Upon completion of that chain, she will give you the line to get the baby Darter. Part of it is timed, so I recommend that you read the questline on Wowhead or some similar place and have the materials you will need already acquired.

Phoenix Hatchling3. Phoenix Hatchling – Poor Kael’Thas. If you want this pet, visit Magister’s Terrace. A lot. Things I have read indicate that this pet drops in both normal and heroic mode, but I’ve only seen it drop in normal mode (twice), and I ran MGT Heroic a *lot* more than I did normal.

Spirit of Competition2. Spirit of Competition – Brand new! If you like pets, hop into a battleground and do it now! To celebrate the Olympics, Blizzard is offering us a carrot to compete a bit amongst ourselves – but there’s a time limit…this pet will only be around as long as the real Games are. You have an approximate 1 in 8 chance of getting this pet as a reward for emerging victorious from a battleground (any of them can give the pet reward, so play your favorite or whichever one your faction does best in on your Battlegroup!)

Hippogryph Hatchling1. Hippogryph Hatchling – A CCG item. For the CCG pets, you get a code off a rare card from the Collectible Card game and can redeem it for the pet. Unfortunately, if you don’t collect the cards or play the game yourself, you’d be trusting eBay or the like to get a code. Some of the coolest pets are CCG items too (Dragon Kite, Bananas)! *pouts*

Ok, so I actually profiled a bakers’ dozen, and it was hard to keep it to that few! As you can see, there are almost as many ways to get pets as there are pets to be gotten. I love collecting, and these little guys are a perfect way to scratch that itch. My only issue historically has been that I tend to have more items than I have bank and bag space for, so I was excited to learn that in Wrath, the vanity pets and mounts will become spells in your spellbook and won’t take up inventory slots anymore. I suspect my future holds a whirlwind tour of vendors to purchase all the owlhawks, rabbits, moths, dragonhawks, etc. in their full rainbow of colors. For more information on vanity pets, I highly recommend the site Warcraft Pets where you can read more on all of the pets, rate them, learn how to get them, and keep track of your own collection.

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I had no idea there were so many amazing *vanity pets in the game. And why are they called “vanity” pets anyway: they are so much more legit than that term implies . . . maybe vanity just means high cuteness factor.

Love your blog and podcasts


They have many names. Vanity pets, Mini Pets, Non-Combat pets. They accent my character’s appearance, so for me they are vanity pets 🙂

good article.

Thank you 🙂 I love my little pets, and I hope everyone becomes just as addicted to them, especially once they go into your spellbook and don’t take up half your bank!

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