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Did something just freeze?

So wow, (really, WOW!) I looked outside my office window yesterday and a pig flew by. For the record, no, it was not wearing lipstick, but that is neither here nor there. Feeling a chill that was distinctly unrelated to the impending arrival of autumn, I hurried to the forums, where it was confirmed by a blue that Blizzard is immediately removing the restriction on Character Transfers from PvE servers to PvP servers.

Oh the agony!

For one, I just filled up the last slot on my current server (The Venture Co, PvP/RP – feel free to drop in and say “Hi!” anytime!) and now have to decide who to delete. But even as my eyes lit up with glee, the crying was starting. “Oh Noes, all these people can level in peace on their PvE realms and then come grief the newbies on PvP realms!” “Oh Noes, the real PvPers are going to have to mow through all the PvE newbs now!”

Let me reassure you that by and large, your PvE server probably won’t suddenly be empty ’cause everyone left for PvP servers, nor do I expect the PvP servers will be suddenly overwhelmed by a surge of “carebears.” It has been my belief for a very long time that this transfer restriction is a bit silly, because characters who “grew up” on a PvP server are still going to have a distinct advantage in terms of experience over PvE transfers.

Anyone can get a nice set of PvP gear through diligent running of the Battlegrounds. On the one hand, this means if you are willing to put in the time to get the gear, your character is technically ready to engage in PvP. The flip side of this coin: just because you have a decent set of PvP gear doesn’t mean you are ready for a PvP server! (But if you think you might be, I encourage you to try one!)

epic fight!

epic fight!

Life on a PvP server is a little different. Your character is diligently questing away in Zangermarsh when you see a red name weaving toward you. On a PvE server, you may or may not even notice it. On a PvP server, you quickly learn to notice such occurrences, and when you see that red name, you quickly run through your “fight or flight” checklist. Level? 70 (I’m 63…probably should mount up and be ready to hoof it) If it’s using a blue glowing mace – probably a healer. I can cautiously continue questing and see what they do. But if it’s wielding daggers and it just stealthed…get out of dodge!

I do see a lot of characters being moved initially. Not overwhelming numbers – realistically speaking, if your characters are on a PvE or PvP server right now, that was probably a conscious decision on your part, and we can assume for most people the reason you picked the type of server you did remain in force, and you will probably stick with your server.

But for the rest of us, this is a wonderful thing. I had no idea what I was doing when Warcraft went live, so my first character is on a PvE server. Having server hopped a bit since then, and been on PvP servers every time after that first one, I like them and would not roll a character on a PvE realm again. But I’ve always wanted that first character back, though I didn’t really want to level a priest again! So she will be getting moved as soon as I figure who gets the boot on my current server. *grin* This change is also a boon for people who have either had their original circle of friends reroll PvP, or alted on a different server and made new friends there, and wished they could move their character to be with the old/new friends.

In the end, I think there will be a group of people who got their PvP gear on PvE servers, then move to a PvP server to “have fun” – and perhaps bite off more than they expected. There will be a group of people who move to PvP servers and find out that maybe they aren’t so scary after all, and like it. And there will be people like me, who will at last be reunited with their old characters! But in all these cases, I don’t believe this long overdue policy change will cause much of a ripple on the PvP realms – some new people will come and either assimilate or eventually move back to their original servers!

PvP Servers: Now open to all – Come on over, the water’s fine *grin*

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