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Looking back, Looking forward

There’s a feeling of autumn in the air, and it has nothing to do with the season or the weather. No, these are the last few waning dog days of the Burning Crusades’ summer. Before we all go plunging off into the wintery northlands, I wanted to pause to look back on some things that the Burning Crusade brought to us and some of my personal favorite memories and achievements.

Burning Crusade changed the raiding landscape, and Wrath looks to be set to do it again. In the old world, the Tier gear raids were 40 mans – BC dropped that to 10 for your starting raid, and 25 for most of the Tier raids. This certainly allowed for smaller guilds to get a shot at raiding. It also meant that of those 25 people, you probably needed them all to be on the ball, at least until they got overgeared! In Northrend, you will have your choice of raid size flavors.

We took to the skies! Our new mounts in the Outlands gave us the power of “As the Crow Flies.” I still dive off of Scryers’ Rise and shift to flight form on the way down…every single day. I’ve also thoughtlessly done the same thing off Aldor rise…on my hunter. It doesn’t work out so well for her.

Arenas: PvP for the hardcore. I have a love/hate relationship with Arena myself. I like it when one of my teams does well, which is rarely. As a feral druid, I’ve spent most of my time in the arena feeling like I was making the rest of my team 4 man (or two…or solo) it. The arena and honor gear has allowed many a young 70 to not feel like a total scrub. And since I while away my game hours on a PvP server, I suspect I might get some practical use out of it come next week…for a few levels at least!

The Lore! Illidan! Medihv! Akama! Kael’Thas! The History! Mount Hyjal! Old Hillsbrad! There was so much lore to be had in the Burning Crusade, and again, it looks like Wrath of the Lich King will deliver in spades in this department.

The Achievements! Though they are a recent addition and actually a part of the underpinnings of Wrath of the Lich King, I have been having So Much Fun with them! I am nowhere near done with the completable ones, and my todo list will be getting a lot larger next week!

As I think back, these are some of the things I’m most pleased with in my Burning Crusade Escapades.

I got to raid! Family and time factors kept me from raiding previously, but in Burning Crusade, with the style of play and the fairly casual guild I found myself in, I got to see places I initially thought I would not step foot into. While we never killed Kael as a guild, or completed anything past the first few bosses in Hyjal and the Black Temple, it was enough for me. I will always remember the shrieks of joy in Vent when we downed Gruul and Vashj for the the first time. I shall be holding onto my Vials of Eternity quest as long as it takes. Someday that title will be mine…unless they remove the ability to complete it, of course.

I got an alt to max level for the first time ever! My hunter is actually running a photo finish race with the druid on which I like best currently. And my young shaman which I have been toying with recently is quite fun too. To be honest, it’s going to be rather hard to focus on leveling my main for a while again, I’ve been having too much fun just futzing around with reps, achievements, and alts!

I found a little subgroup of people to run with that are the first in-game set of people I’d consider to be friends, even though they are just voices on our guild’s Ventrillo server. (Hugs to the B-Team!) I look forward to leveling with them again, since we came together as a group at the start of Hellfire. (Wherein my favorite prot/ret pally told me, “Come on to Hellfire Ramparts…it won’t take more than half an hour!” Two hours later….)

The Burning Crusade has been an epic journey, and while I may not personally have had a hand in it, Illidan was defeated, Kil’Jaeden thrown back, and the world lies safe…

…For a little while, at least.

See you in Northrend!

So what are your favorite memories of the Burning Crusade?

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