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Epic Dolls Episode 69 – Changes, Thank Yous and Goodbyes

Leala is joined this time on Epic Dolls by Salty Kat and Stardancer to talk about change. Change in the game with Patch 3.2, change in guilds with raiding, change in our personal playstyles and change with the podcast.


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Thanks to our sponsors, Murderface the Insane, Lisa, Weelyn and Samsarah, Sofialorena and Matadora from the Blades of Azeroth guild on the gilneas server and THE OTHER SIDE guild on the Cenarion Circle server.

Music by Badly Drawn Boy.

Special thank you and /love to Katerina, Stardancer, Illidarian, Hunter Haley, Rae, Roswynn, Velanna, Crawl, Sesshomaru and the rest of the Epic Dolls Guild, Fimlys from Twisted Nether, Stompalina and Hafrot from Rawrcast, Steve and David from Inside Azeroth, Patrick from How I WoW, Mike and Turpster from WoW.com, Wych, Wemb and Temp from Bind on Equip, Scott Johnson from the Instance, Molly from Women of Warcraft, Brent and all the other amazing podcasters at VirginWorlds and anyone else who I may have forgotten.

Follow Leala on Twitter at @epicdolls and Stardancer at @Stardancerelf and her blog at http://houseofstormrage.com/stardancer/ and Illidarian’s blog at http://illidarian.livejournal.com/.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our time here at the Epic Dolls podcast. Keep in touch.

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Goodbye, Epic Dolls 🙁
I will miss this great podcast very much. I wish you all the best. 🙂

Great podcast, you are going to be missed.

I hope to hear more from you in Spouse Aggro!!

Thank you.

Scott is right, I listened to your WoW podcasts and it was always great. I’ll miss you guys and hope everything you do goes great. Good Luck.

*Gentle Sigh* I remember when I was leveling my main character, a Priest, after having a hunter for a year. While questing through Un’Goro, the Terrokar, and Dragonblight I remember hearing these voices make the environment of endless running around and killing mobs, and gathering film within wolf droppings all the better.

It was a special WoW Podcast, providing a whimsical, happy, slightly phantasmal air to whatever I might have been doing, and I haven’t really seen any other murmur of OMGs and analysis (and even fashion tips). With the progression of technology to include portable devices, I took this podcast me through the woods to any town I’d occasionally visit, across the country on vacations to great cities, across oceans, and all that. Ignoring lame me, I’d like to say that this podcast compared so well to all these memories. Its grandeur was and will forever be unsurpassed in its awesome style of laughing, discussion, and kindred spirits that we were so lucky to have been able to hear.

And finally, although I am sad that there will be no more Epic Dolls podcasts, there is a little silver lining that tells me that just because I don’t hear something, doesn’t mean it’s gone. I hope everyone on the Epic Dolls podcast has a wonderful time doing whatever they will in the time they used to have as part of the show. Thanks for all your time and devotion! You will be missed (to a non-overbearing extent, luckily ^^)!

Thank you for all the great hours of entertainment. Like scott johnson said at the end of the last episode, your podcast was always on my list of favorites. It combined actual content with great hosts and entertainment, as well as fantastic additions of the lore segments and off the beaten path. Thank you everyone involved with this podcast, you will surely be missed!

Loved the podcast, sad to see it go. Good luck with all your future endeavors.

Thank you to all the contributors of the podcast.

It will be a great memory.

Thank you for all the fun, the insight, the delicious voices, the stories.

Leala, I’m kinda sad, but I understand that everybody evolves, everyone has to move on someday in order to do new and fresh things.


PS: For all the nostalgic folks, could you please upload the epic dolls anthem. This is by far the best intro of any podcast I’ve ever listened to !!!

Ough no way … no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I joined the Dolls after hearing Leala on another podcast. Soon after my main and alt were transfered over. What a wonderful experience! Work, family and health issues have taken precedence but those memories live on. You guys are the awesomest! (Yes, I said it) /hugs, Iggy

Sorry to see you guys go!

This is obviously a very tardy comment, and because of that, I doubt that anyone will read it, but I feel compelled to drop a line into the abyss anyway.

My computer went “kerblooey” literally the day before Patch 3.1 went Live. Only within the last week or so have I gotten back up and running. And in the last few days I’ve done a little bit of backtracking on my blogs/podcast sites, trying to get a handle on all the stuff I’ve missed in the past few months. (There certainly is a rather daunting backlog with which to catch up, especially considering the sheer number of blogs I read regularly, and podcasts that I listened to.)

Today I finally wander over to the Epic Dolls site, and what do I find? That you’ve stopped recording! Aargh! I’m sure that your reasons are understandable; don’t misread my intentions. I’m sure that I’ll have a better idea once I’m able to download a few of the episodes I missed and catch up a bit.

I’m afraid that I can’t remember when exactly I discovered your podcast; I believe I saw it linked somewhere. However the manner of my discovery, I quickly became quite fond of it. The hosts were bubbly and enthusiatic, and the little side-segments were lovely. (And I admit to having a crush on Illidarian’s voice.)

But anyway, as bittersweet as it is, I look forward to eventually listening to the backlog of episodes that I missed. I don’t know if anyone will read this, given how late it is, but I wanted you to know that here’s yet another fan who will miss having you in his headphones.

I wish you all the best. 🙂


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