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Hail, and well met! I have been graciously invited to be a part of the Epic Dolls by Lealu and Latora. I plan be posting about once a week, and would love to know what you’d like me to cover. For starters though, allow me to tell you a little of myself and my character.

I’ve been gaming since my hubby stuck me in front of a computer and had me play his co-worker’s girlfriend in a Duke Nukem modem deathmatch (neither of us had ever played that kind of computer game before) It stuck 🙂 We have played many FPS and MMORPGs since. We have two small children who make gaming…very challenging on occasion!

We started playing World of Warcraft the day the servers opened, and since then have sampled most realm types and have trodden both sides of the faction bifurcation. I began as a shadow priest on the Lightbringer (PvE) realm, and stalled out at level 59. Next my husband and I opted to go Horde on the Dark Iron (PvP) realm. There I played a hunter to 60 back when hunters were – let’s just say they were not so useful as they are now 😉 However, that server convinced both of us that we would be rolling on PvP servers from there out! We like the danger, I guess.

Neither hubby or I could break into raiding with our characters there, so we started realm/faction/character hopping for a bit, which eventually brought us to our current server and characters. The Venture Co (PvP/RP) realm is now home, and is where my Alliance side druid has flourished and earned her spot as my favorite character. Her name is Briara, and she follows the Way of The Claw. I have deep respect for those who have chosen the Way of The Feather and the Way of the Leaf, but I have never slipped into those roles as easily as I have in to the skin of the panther!

I am an officer in a casual raiding guild. In the last week, We’ve run pre-made battlegrounds, raided AQ20, run an RP event, and downed Hydross the Unstable for an Alliance side first on our server just last night. (I love my guild! No, it’s not that full of accomplishment every week.) I enjoy raiding and vanity pets, arenas and fishing, battlegrounds and flying to max height just to drop out of flight form and free fall. So that’s who my character is and what she’s about. I’m very excited to be joining this team, and I certainly hope I can be helpful and informative too!

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We are excited to have you! Can’t wait for the next article.

Nice to see a fellow Druid

Danke! Hmm, that means I need to come up with a topic soon…

*waves to all the other tree huggers*

how about a segment on some good guild activities, or fun crazy guild activities that guildies of all lvls can take part in. Not sure if this is your area of expertise but it would make a good topic.

I’ll have to ponder that…I’m sure we’ve all done the naked Deadmines run or the level 1 race across the world. Most of the multi-level guild activities I’ve participated in personally were guild run RP events.

Scavenger hunts seem popular, for the all age ranges you might run with teams built of a character/alt in each level range and you have to find items for each level range…

Heh, there’s some suggestions 🙂

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