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First Impressions: 2.3

I am in love…with my baby sporebat! Yes, that *was* the first thing I did when I logged in.

I am in love…with my Band of the Swift Paw. That lovely and long awaited upgrade to my tanking set has already been fitted with a Facet of Eternity and enchanted by the hubby for another +12 defense. Only 62 badges to go till I can replace the Clefthoof Breastplate!

I am in love…with the cooking dailies! A *reason* to kill Giant Kaliri, whoot! Plus, I got the recipe for the spell-crit Skullfin Soup.

I am not so in love with…the catch rate for the Crescent-Tailed Skullfish, which lived in the pools outside of Karazhan. I fished up..43 barbed trout…11 bloodfin catfish…and 6 skullfins. Bah. I was going to be all nice and donate my first stack to the new guild bank…but it may take a few days to *get* a stack.

I am ambivalent (but mostly good with)…ZA. I love the freebie 20 slot bag I got for completing the first quest, which starts with our friend Griftah in Lower City. I wasn’t expecting ZA to be a pushover, and indeed, it is not. I like the Temple of Doom feel of the place, complete with our short lived initial tour guide, Harrison Jones.

My guild took a lot of the officers and heavy raiders last night to sightsee. We had problems with the bear riders before the Bear aspect, but after a few experimental pulls (wipes) we figured out what was and wasn’t CC-able. In figuring that out, we failed the timed run (apologies to the prisoner who got sacrificed as a result of our tardiness) but we weren’t really pushing that hard for it. The Bear aspect himself was a fairly straightforward fight – in his initial Troll form he would stack a undispellable bleed multiplier debuff on the tank, then after a while he would switch to actual Bear form and start applying massive bleeds to the tank. The solution? Two tanks…tank 2 picks up the bear form of the boss while the other tank recovers from the debuff. Both aspects are tauntable, which made that go smoothly.

We then ambled down the pathway and were rather dubious about how we would ever pull all these scenic trolls in 20 minutes. We eventually arrived at a lovely thatched chateau inhabited by the Lynx Aspect. And here we wiped repeatedly for most of the evening. Our shaman got mad and logged. I was beginning to doubt my tanking abilities. This shaman style boss also has phases…initially he’s just a troll tossing down very hurtful lightning totems. After a while he summons his Lynx ancestral spirit. And here lay my woe…I was supposed to be picking it up, but inevitably it would get away and go eat a healer before I could get it under control. With eye-rolling that I could hear in Vent, one of the other officers said “I’ll go get my warrior to help with the transitions.” I was silently sullen, but couldn’t say nay…cause I *was* having issues. It was getting late, and everyone was a touch frustrated. So this time, the first transition went well…and the second transition…the Lynx got away and ate a healer. Oddly, this made me feel better. After the Lynx phase ended, I got a battle rez on the healer and we continued. He got eaten again on the third transition, but our *awesome* pally healer was able to carry the rest of the fight solo, and we finally triumphed! The officer who had brought in his warrior agreed it wasn’t just me…the Lynx seemed to be untargetable for a couple seconds after spawning…but building aggro – and would be off like a shot as soon as he became targetable.

So then everyone said “ZOMG, time to head out on a win!” Came to find out, the bosses scale up in difficulty the farther in you go, and we had managed to waltz by the two bosses after the Bear, so the Lynx was actually the 4th boss. Research your path properly, unlike us 😉

I downright do not like…the Cenarion War Hippogryph. I was ready to buy one and when I looked…it comes in all of one color. Every other epic flyer that you get virtually for free comes in multiple colors. This one, which you are asked to shell out big gold for, comes on only one? Lame. I passed.

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I love my little-toy-kitchen mage, its so cute!!
I havent see the cook’s daily quest, where do I get this quest? shat?
Another cool thing about this patch, if you have Preserved Holy(http://www.wowhead.com/?item=21213), that item wich transform your mount in a reindeer from old Christmas’ holiday , now its usable on flying mounts!! Its so pretty!!!! I will take a screen shot and post in my blog!

I *do* have some preserved Holly, I will most definitely have to go check that out! I’ve been taking advantage of the mana biscuits…though the one downside of them is they will overwrite a buff food that you’d already eaten…oops, there went the +30 stamina from my crawdads!

The cooking dailies are given by a little goblin named The Rokk who is down in Lower City to the right of the northern exit bridge. I’ve been very lucky so far, gotten two recipes in two days…the +20 spell crit and the +20 hit rating ones. Poor hubby hasn’t gotten any!

We did play with the lynx aspect too last evening, and had somehow the same issues you had 🙂
The spirit lynx when it comes out is “not in game” for a few seconds, so you should target it and wait until it has a target to taunt, or your taunt would be wasted. It’s roughly the same thing for all mobs that “pop”, they are not affected until they pick-up a target (usually a healer).
It’s much safer for a rogue or any “non tank” to go pick up the lynx and bring it back to a tank, as two tanks on top of each others is necessary in this fight, or the MT can be easily OS by the lynx special attack.

About difficulty, I’d say the dragon-hawk is probably a bit harder than this one, and the eagle a bit easier 🙂

Zul’Aman is definitely fun, and a very nice change from Karazhan when you’ve already checked everyone of the bookshelves in this dreadful tower.

have fun with 2.3
and keep up the nice blog 🙂
Titcouette – Suramar EU

I am liking the new BG dailies, extra honor plus a little gold for the effort!

BG dailies make me want to stick a fork in my eye, because Alliance on my battlegroup sucks. One cat/bear cannot a win get. We’ll see what they offer tonight. Need to look into the heroic dailies, cause I need those shiny badges!

However, I’ve done the cooking quest three nights in a row now…and have three recipes to show. Got Kibbler’s Bits last night. Hubby finally got his first recipe *snicker*

Hubby also got out his preserved Holly and was garnering much flying Reindeer mount love outside of the Scryer bank last night 🙂

“little-toy-kitchen mage”
Those are the perfect words for that! I love mine too.

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