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Newbie Moments and a Bear Tip

So I’ll join the fun and share one (ok two) of my newb moments. It’s my studied opinion that you can only TRULY be a newbie once. For me, I was a newbie in Everquest. I remember running around Faydark at about level 5 with my little Cleric, and a clothie ran by trailed by a sword and shield hanging in midair. I was like…wow, did you see the invisible warrior? Kinda cool how you can still see the weapons. It was of course an enchanter’s pet. For my more on topic WoW related newb moment…

Rogues didn’t always *all* have Improved Sap. I’ve also never played a rogue. Keeping this in mind, I was doing the unthinkable, PuGing Shadow Labs. I was the bear druid tank, hubby the shadow priest was there, we had a druid healer, and picked up two rogues – neither of whom had improved sap. I still look at that group makeup and shudder. So…first pull is one mob..goes fine. The second pull, I give the rogues sap targets (I didn’t know, really!) With what I am sure were mental shrugs of “?!?” off they go to sap…and of course they go visible…and aggro the next set of creatures. Three of us made it out alive and amazingly no one immediately dropped group. After that, I didn’t give the rogues any more sap targets and we tore through the instance in record time.

I will also add here a druid tip/don’t take everything you read TOO much to heart story. Tanking is largely about threat generation, be you a bear, warrior, or tankadin. As a druid, our dripping with threat attacks are Mangle and Lacerate. Swipe has a bit too, but if you have CC’d mobs, it is of course risky to use. Somewhere along the way, I read that Maul isn’t optimal because A) It isn’t instant (replaces your next normal attack) B) It takes a fair amount of rage and C) Does not load any extra threat. To that end, my mind equated Maul with being a bad druid tank, and I’ve rarely if ever used it.

So there we were fighting Void Reaver, who has a nasty habit of tank punting combined with a large threat reduction on the punted tank. To save the DPS, you fight him with three tanks, the theory being that he punts the first tank and starts working tank #2. By the time he gets around to punting tank #3, the first tank should be back in the top three for threat. I was one of the tanks, and I could not threat my way out of a pack of Murlocs. The Westfall kind of Murlocs. I stayed in the top three threatwise through liberal application of misdirects, but something was up and I knew it. I looked at the Recount breakdown of the other druid tanks attacks, and was surprised to see lots of Mauling in there. (Recount is a very cool mod, btw) Back to theorycrafting…Mangle is loaded with more or less 1000 threat. A full stack of lacerates is worth several hundred threat. And then came my mistake…Maul does not front load threat, *but* it does a lot of damage…and hey yeah…damage causes threat too. I went and experimented, each Maul was worth about 700 to 800 threat. So there I was, gimping myself out of extra damage and about 30% of my threat generating capabilities.

Briara = newb. Yep.

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Can you help a fellow druid out, and answer a few questions for me? First question, when stacking lacerate on a boss is it better to stack 5 and let it tick all the way off and start over with a fresh stack of 5 or throw one more on to keep the stack of 5 going at all times? also what kinda Stamina (HP), Armor, and defense rating should I have to go in to kara and heroics? Or should I be focused on other stats?

Thanks in advance for any info you can share with me.

In theory it’s best to keep the stack running, just like warriors and their Sunders.

As far as Kara/Heroic stats…I was in quest greens and blues when we started Kara, which ended up being about 11K HP and 13K AC. The crucial thing starting out is the defense – hopefully you have your Survival of the Fittest talent 3/3 so that you only have to get 415 defense to be uncrittable. That’s pretty easy to achieve with the Heavy Clefthoof Armor pieces and some normal instance/rep pieces.

As you start getting more AC, it’s good to concentrate on Agility…AC, dodge, and AP all in one stat. Maybe I’ll do a druid guide soon…but there’s just so much info that it would have to contain! It might be my first multi-segment feature…

Thanks for the info, I’d love a druid tanking guide.

Ok, I’ll start a druid tanking guide as the next post. So much ground to cover…

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