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The Epic Dolls Guild

So we’ve done it! We’ve created an Epic Dolls guild and decided to open recruitment to all of our wonderful listeners. Just create a character on Perenolde Horde side and send a tell in-game to Lealu or Latora. We’ll be happy to have you in the guild.

For now the only rules are:

1. Be nice and have fun

2. Don’t use offensive language in guild chat

3. Don’t beg for money, items or run-throughs

We’ll see where this crazy idea takes us and create more guidelines for the guild later. See ya in game!

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My new horde side Blood elf, Lariela. She is pretty /clap!
Will join you guys and level post-graduation in a couple weeks =D

OOh I may have to create an alt over there so I can join you gals and visit now and then.

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