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Stardancer’s Sightseeing Guides 1, 2 & 3

So I had the realization this week that Stardancer’s wonderful sightseeing guides would probably be better for the blog posts so that you can look the quests and places up when you have time to go and see them. So I’m reposting parts 1 and 2 that we talked about on our last couple podcasts. Part 3 is new this week. Hope you enjoy!

Sightseeing Part 1

If you are Aldor you may have noticed the NPC huntress, Caylee Dak, standing with her faithful panther at her side. There is a small quest which starts with a child named Alicia (located in the small courtyard in the Stormwind Keep) who will give you a beautiful poem. The link below is the information about this tribute to a real-life player who passed away in August 2007. You can read about it here.

This quest is based on the real life letter written by Sullivan Ballou at the Battle of Bull Run. The quest starts by swimming down to the wreckage of the bridge of Thandol span and locating the smashed dwarf under a large stone. Click on the “waterlogged envelope” in his hand to begin the quest. You can read more about the life of Sullivan Ballou here.

Atop a tall hillside just southwest of Crossroads is the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior. You can see the Orc laid to rest there. A permanent Spirit Healer with a name floats aloft there, named Koiter. There is not a quest as of yet related to this, just a place to see in your Azerothian travels. This is a tribute to one of the developers, Michel Koiter (one part of Twincruiser). You can read more about him here.

Sightseeing Part 2

A dwarf, Foggy MacKreel, who is hidden in the remaining tower of the broken part of the Thandol Span (Wetlands/Arathi) bridge. To reach him you must have some sort of speed buff in order to jump across, levitate, or teleport. It is not a quest that requires you to save the world, but is a fun quest (or a guild competition?) to see how fast you can deliver his Moonshine.

From what I understand there is a Horde quest from a NPC located in the right eye of the large stone skull entrance to the Wailing Caverns in the Barrens. You will have to go around from the top to jump down into the eye. There are several other NPCs located there and one especially useful to leatherworkers.

This quest has probably one of the most beautiful endings both graphically and emotionally speaking (watching them fly away with their baby) The quest starts with Gryphon Master Talonaxe in Hinterlands where you will follow the quest chain to locate Sharpbeak’s feather.

One of my favorite quests ends on a small island off the coast of Azshara. During the course of the quest you have to head out to Azshara, locate an airplane landing pad, and shoot a flare gun up into the sky to alert Xiggs Fuselighter, the dwarf pilot. Quite a bit of work to get all the way out there from Ironforge, but fun!

ODDITIES but Worth Seeing
Hidden Gnome outpost, Azshara. On the very Southern edge (almost directly due south of Ruins of Elderrath) along the shore is a small gnome outpost with engineering recipes, the Deepdive Helmet for one (Engineering recipe).

Wreck of the Horizon
Swimming further south from the Gnome Outpost, is a rock/island with Second Mate Shandril kneeling and staring at a pile of debris in the water. If you swim to exactly where she is looking, you will find a sunken ship. Inside the ship are some friendly ghosts, Roland GearDabbler for one. No quest, just something interesting to see or for RP purposes. You can actually stand on the floating planks out there in the water and having a guild meeting? Haha
Swimming back to the short slightly NE, there is an inlet with some Horizon crew meandering about the shore. Continue into the inlet and there you will meet Captain Venessa Beltis with a quest. After piles of naga, you will realize the quest doesn’t really complete and there isn’t an award. But hey, its something interesting.

Sightseeing Part 3

Around the Coast north of Booty Bay, past the Naga Explorers, head farther north slightly past the water falls and two bridges (basically the small hills on your map which are located SW of Gurubashi Arena), you come to two torches and a path. Winding upwards, you think you will encounter some sort of foul beast at the top. However, it is a surprisingly pleasant and picturesque spot which overlooks the coast. I really love Blizzard for putting things in the game for no other reason than to find it and enjoy it. Link to Stranglethorn.


The Blunderflames gnome outpost is located slightly NE of the Ruins of Zul Mamwe, South of MoshOgg Ogre Mound. There is an incline east of the Jungle Thunderers (Gorillas) but is not an actual path. You can negotiate up to the area then travel north on the ridge to an opening where there is a gnome hut. It is slightly complicated to get to, but worth it if you are an engineer.
Mechanical Dragonling (200)
Deadly Scope (210)

Near the dwarf town of Dun Garok (a horde quest/farming area) there is a dwarf named Rousch kneeling next to a monument. The moment is dedicated to a friend one of the developers, Anthony Ray Stark (b. 1961- d.2005). Link for information.

Even in this creepy zone, there is a small (slightly hidden) garden. You can reach it by heading towards Deadwind pass, taking the left behind the Horde Forsaken Tower Beggar’s Haunt (NE of Darkshire), and following the trail up behind it. According to some research, this was originally an area called Knight’s Hollow. WoWwiki had some original concept artwork for this spot.

If you have the time, why not? This is a lengthy swim, but if you stay on the north side of the river and following the shore from under Thandol Span (Wetlands) around the back of Arathi Highlands you will end up at a Dwarf Farmstead. This is a bit of a humorous spot because these dwarves have a cat infestation! There are CATS everywhere. There is no quest affiliated with the spot, just an interesting place.

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i noticed that you didnt mention the best place in the whole game to go and see…The Old Airport above IF…just thought i would mention that…

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