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Stardancer’s Sightseeing Guide 4

(Official Name: The Giant Guardian)
ZONE: Feralas
Zone Level: 49
FACTION: Alliance
LOCATION: In Feralas Forest near the Harpy and stone guardian area.

The guild affectionately renamed this quest due to the wandering nature of Stardancer. She was always wandering off (usually after herbs) with no notice. An often repeated question resounding in guildchat was, “Ummm, where’s Star?”. Perhaps you know someone like this, or you have children, a cousin or others. This humorous quest is for you.

After speaking with the Giant Guardian (stone elemental) you are quested to located his charge, a young nightelf named Shay Leafrunner. She gives you a bell and is grateful you will take her back to the giant, but there is a catch, she will get distracted by the flora and fauna and will wander off if you aren’t watching for her. You must ring the bell to get her attention and to have her continue to follow you.

ZONE: Hinterlands
FACTION: Alliance
LOCATION:Quel Danil Lodge

NE of the lodge, directly east of Highvale Marksman’s little house, there is a set of two large stones. There is a path north behind them. Gigget Zipcoil (Trade Supplies) and Ruppo Zipcoil, engineering supplier. Recipes: Mithril Mechanical Dragonling

ZONE: Hillsbrad/Chillwind point area (north of Durnholde Keep)
FACTION: Ravenholdt (at least neutral) Horde may have to sneak in
LOCATION: Hillsbrad Foothill/Chillwind Point, north of

Down in the basement of the Manor is Zan Shivsproket who sells: Recipe: Gnomish Cloaking Device. Outside, if you walk behind Carlos Aurelis (in the little training area) is a trail.
If you follow the trail, which winds and leads north, you will eventually come to a small hidden lake area. No NPCs, just a nice little private spot.

ZONE: Hillsbrad
LOCATION: Southshore Graveyard
FACTION: Alliance (though I think its far enough from NPCs for Horde)

In Love Memory of Jesse Morales“. Apparently this was one of the artists who did some preliminary sketch work while World of Warcraft was still being created prior to his death.

CONCH SHELL ISLAND (Purgation Island)
ZONE: Hillsbrad Fields
LOCATION: SW of Azurelode Mines (Hillsbrad Fields)
FACTION: Alliance and/or Horde

This Island is shaped like a conch shell on your map, located South West of Southsore, SW of Azureload Mine and is called “Purgation Island“. It is covered in Level 58-59 elite cursed paladins.

ZONE: Winterspring
FACTION: Alliance or Horde
LEVEL: (Giants in the area are 60 Elites)
LOCATION: Frostwhisper Gorge

On the South West side of Frostwhisper gorge, if you travel around the outside of the gorge (east side of the bridge) you will come to a small set of blue crystal formations in the snow. Traveling due east of there, you can navigate up the snowy slope and reach a path. This path will lead you up into the mountain and toward a rather daunting drop off. However, there is an empty encampment with a chair, a stein, and a gun. So, sit a spell and have a drink and get vertigo looking out over the drop.

Yep, I have been to all these places.

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