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Raidaholics Anonymous

Hi, my name is Briara, and I’m a raidaholic. I have a secret crush on Leotheras the Blind, because he is one fine specimen of Demon Hunter, even if he is differently abled. This does not mean that I won’t do my best to dispatch my Inner Demon, but I covertly wonder if I could take out one of my guildmates in Leotheras’ defense if I fail to get it in time! (Having recently done this fight, I know that my guild leader would tear me apart quickly, so I’d have to be fast….)

Ah raiding, it’s what’s in the news. I am definitely pro-raiding, and while I love my guild, I know not all guilds are like it. In fact, I’d say very few are. I’m sure many of us have listened to the “Minus 50 DKP” rantfest and had a good chuckle, but that really is how many of the so called “hardcore” raiding guilds are. Hubby reached 60 way before I did and joined a raiding guild that was very…uptight. Spec requirements (priests must be holy…this was pre-Armory…hubby specced holy for a few hours and promptly specced back shadow and didn’t tell them) If you don’t do what you are supposed to do at the exact moment you are supposed to do it…pain! But especially pre-Burning Crusade, each time you messed up, you were potentially taking 39 other people down with you.

And therein lies the real challenge of raiding, and the reason so many raiding guilds are so…well…unfriendly. These days, you have to take 25 individuals and meld them into a fighting machine, because taking too many unmelded individuals to 25 man raids will result in lots of repair bills and probably not a lot more. To be successful, the number one key thing is that you have to listen, and the number two key thing is that you have to correctly act on the instructions you listened to. Raid bosses are not things that you can just tank and spank, there are normally multiple things going on…be it additional creatures that have to be dealt with (Maulgar, Karathress), yicky effects that have to be cured or survived (Maiden, Solarian), and even just watching your own threat, because one person not paying attention and pulling threat off the main tank can have disastrous results for more than just that person (Hydross).

I agree with the essay that posited there is emphasis on raid content because those are the people who have seen what there is to be seen (or are climbing the ladder to get the view) and would like additional content to consume. Speaking as someone who is currently levelling an alt, I *love* that they revamped Dustwallow to be a new questing hub, but I’ve already done the quests, admired the revamp, and outlevelled that area. And speaking as someone who has had house guests since December 24th and will have them for another week…I can’t wait to get back to raiding once hubby and I get the house back to ourselves!

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