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Stardancer’s Sightseeing Guide 5

ZONE: Tanaris
ZONE LEVEL: 45+ (50 to complete the quest)
FACTION: Alliance and Horde
LOCATION: Southern wall of Tanaris is the ruins of Uldum

There is a wall and slightly broken gate located in the south of Tanaris. Guarding this entrance are stone golems. There is a quest which takes you to this locale (alliance side) where you engage a disc (located on the ground) and learn about the Titans.

Quote from Blizzplanet: “Un’Goro Crater was revealed to be the landing site of the Titans during the Ahn’Qiraj solo quests. However, there are three known ancient Titan ruins that served as base of operations. The Earthen (former rock-based ancestors of the dwarves) and the Stone Watchers of Norgannon hibernated for thousands of years within these three bases after the earthquakes of the Sundering affected their underground diggings: Uldamar, Uldum and Ulduar.”

Horde Quest for Uldum: Portents of Uldum
Begins with Nara Wildmane Thunderbluff

Alliance Quest for Uldum: Portents of Uldum
Begins with High Explorer Magellas Ironforge

ZONE: Tanaris
FACTION: Alliance and Horde
LOCATION: Southernmost shoreline of Tanaris

1. Just off the South East shores (on the corner) there is an island further east than you can actually swim to. However, with the hunter’s beast vision or possibly the shaman’s site, you can see onto the island. There is a lone hyena dog living and wandering around the center of the small island.

2. Since I was speaking about Tanaris, there is also an interesting site to explore. If you travel out to the shore along the south-eastern edge of Tanaris (swimming involved) you will periodically encounter land that is inhabited by even more turtles for your leatherworking needs. If you continue swimming along the shore line and continue swimming, heading west (which is actually on the southern most edge of the map for Tanaris AND Silithus) you will eventually reach an abandoned Tauren outpost and cave.

I am not the only explorer out there. (haha). As I was searching for this interesting spot, I encountered a few others who also enjoyed it.

Some one uses the Tauren outpost for fishing.

YouTube tour of the area.

Map of the location.

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