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Post Holiday Cheer

The holidays have come and gone, and so have the relatives. I cheered to fireworks both real and virtual on New Year’s eve. And was with great anticipation that hubby and I logged in, looking forward to getting back to raiding…and we didn’t have enough healers on to start clearing Serpent Shrine last night. So my little 5 man clique wanted to run a heroic. We haven’t run a heroic in ages, possibly due to the fact that our healer hasn’t logged on in about a month. So remember that part where we couldn’t raid because there were no healers?

After some amount of quibbling and insanity on the part of all involved, it was agreed that we would do Heroic Mech, which was the daily, and that I was going to heal it, sans respec. I’m a 0/49/12 feral druid, which is to say, I’m a little more feral than most ferals. While my heal set is on par with actual leafy druids, a specced resto has a lot of really nice toys to help…treeform, swiftmend, nature’s swiftness, etc. So to be honest, I was terrified 🙂 I do well as DPS. I am a good raid Off-Tank. I doubt myself when MTing 5 mans…and the healing…the responsibility! The humanity! I expected a night full of wipes until they got some common sense beat into them and we did battlegrounds. So keeping in mind it was only Mech, aka, the heroic with training wheels…we only had two deaths, one of which was because the hunter’s feign got resisted. I healed a heroic! I’d read that this pretty much couldn’t be done…and I’m sure having a massively geared AE prot pally tanking didn’t hurt, but it was certainly a validation of sorts for my feral self.

I pulled out my hunter alt at lunch today and took her little wind serpent up to Azhara, where I sicced it upon mobs that were up to 6 levels higher than it, and in about 45 minutes, he levelled! The pet experience change was very noticable. Happy hunter here, I expect Flynx might just catch up! Now, I have to talk a high level shaman and a highly skilled leatherworker to come join me in the Dustwallow Marsh, and catch a little wolfie

Other little things that made me happy over the holidays…

*Hubby gave me a Hyacinth Macaw
*I finally got my Orb of Deception
*I got my Mojo
*Mag’har exalted achieved, Reins of the White War Talbuk purchased!
*Guild got to and had a good night of attempts on Lady Vashj for the first time

How did the holiday season treat you?

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