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GUI goodness

Whilst wandering around with my hunter on our family laptop, I came to the realization that I am spoiled. Without my interface, I am rather lost – because in my household, we don’t do mods half heartedly…at last count, hubby and I are running over 100 mods to the standard WoW interface. And I am extra spoiled because hubby is a programmer, so when one of our favorites breaks, he can usually dive in and fix it, often before the mod maintainer has an update. Given that they are one more thing to be worried about, why would one want to run mods?

Answer: They make life easier in both big and small ways if you are willing to take a little time to set them up. I do have an advantage with the programmer hubby, but most mods will be updated and working properly within a day or two of a major release. It sounds a bit funny to say this, but I love all my mods because I like a clean interface…but I want to have all my information and tools close at hand, and it’s hard to do that within the confines of the default interface. So for your reading pleasure I will run down a few of my favorite mods and what they do for me.

Good all around look and feel mods

Fubar – Everything you want in one bar – XP meters, speed meter, at-a-glance info on your free bag slots and cash, plus much Much more. If you run some other mod, chances are it has a plugin to work with Fubar. The rim of my minimap used to look like a beaded necklace…Fubar fixed that!
ItemRack/Outfitter – Druids juggling up to three sets of items pretty much must have a mod like this to stay sane. Other classes might have PvE vs PvP vs Raiding vs Grinding vs RP outfits, so there are a lot of players who could benefit from this. I think Outfitter even lets you turn your helm graphic on/off on a per outfit basis. I actually use Wardrobe, but it appears to be fallow, programmer hubby maintains it for me 🙂
Bongos – Does away with the standard toolbars. A bit intimidating to set up, but extremely flexible. You can reposition and reshape pretty much everything on your screen. Bonus for druids: autochanges your toolbar on a per form basis.
CyCircled (Ace) – works with several toolbar mods and turns all of those little square buttons into circles. Also comes with (I kid you not) a Hello Kitty skin 😉 Purely cosmetic, but it makes a big difference!
Baggins (Ace) – Does away with your standard bags and sorts things by classifications. Handily also marks newly picked up items – nice for when you hit town to sell all of the greys/greens you picked up out in the wilderness.

For heroics and raids, there are a few must haves…

Omen – threat meter of goodness. Helpfully flashes red around your screen when you pass 90% threat of other players. You can pull the tanks out so it isn’t always yelling at you for passing 90% of the healer’s threat. Also good for soloing hunters to help know when you are about to pull threat from your pet.
BigWigs/Deadly Boss Mods/LittleWigs – Warns you of impending special boss abilities on raid bosses and Heroics bosses. So now you have no excuse for being caught in that Sonic Boom 😉
sRaidFrames – Compact and unfrilly raid frames. Since I’m either tanking or DPS I don’t need extra featuresi – there are others that are better for healers.

The poor laptop, being wireless means fewer updates, but it’s all happy now, and so is my hunter! Do you have any mods you can’t play without?

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Great article thanks Briara! My can’t live without mod is Auto Profit. It sells all your grey junk items to the vendor with one click. The best.


I’ve been using the hello kitty cyCirled skin for awhile now! Its so cute. 🙂

Awesome info. I just started using Cycircled. It’s a nice way to clean things up. Im sticking with ace mods from now on.

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