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Looting Lunacies

With the level of organization required to run 10 and 25 mans, it’s almost certain there will be some kind of official loot policy in place, but the world of 5 mans is more like the Wild Wild West.

So: You’ve succeeded in the first step of a instance crawl: You have found and assembled a team of yourself and 4 likeminded adventurers. If your group is typical, you probably know a couple and you might have had to scour the LFG channel and General in a city to pick up your tank and healer. (Cause isn’t it always shouts of group of 3, looking for tank and healer on your server too?) You enter your target dungeon and commence the decimation of its’ residents. And then a shiny blue dagger drops off the first boss.

The rogue wants it because Duh! It’s a Dagger.
The hunter wants it because it’s better DPS than his 5 levels old quested weapon. (Everything is a hunter upgrade!)
The healer and mage want it because it has int and plus damage and healing.

At least the tank isn’t interested. What’s a body to do? My example here is a little contrived – it’s not usually so complicated in a regular instance group, but I imagine we have all been in a group where some kind of issues arose because of a drop. To head this off, if you are the groupleader, you should make sure your group knows how you intend to handle looting, and if you just joined a pick up group, you might want to ask before the first item drops. This can save everyone possible headaches and recrimination later on.

It would seem to make sense to set the loot to “Group Loot” with the threshold at green, so that the Need/Greed window pops up whenever anything green or better drops. If only everyone realized that “I need cash for my mount fund” doesn’t mean they should need roll on every item 😉 If everyone in the group can agree beforehand that “Need” means all of A) It’s better than what I have B) I can use it C) I will use it and not sell it (in the case of BoE’s), this is still probably the best way to go and you just hope the people are as good as their word. This has almost (but not quite) made most of my groups happy.

How do you normally handle loot rules/rolls, especially with a PuG? Have you ever had a bad experience with a ninja?

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I know I certainly had my share of inadvertent loot faux pas when I was new to the game. One memorable instance was as a level 22 warlock in Wailing Caverns. The turtle shell shield dropped, and I rolled need. Why? Because, of course, I needed it for my level 13 shaman alt. Another group member confronted me on it, saying that he needed it, and I innocently told him that I would sell it to him. Oh, the noobdom. Needless to say, he left the group and cursed me in whispers for the next 20 minutes. But I was completely unaware that my behavior was ninja-like at the time.

Side note: I recently grouped with a level 63 player to take care of a “kill x number of this mob” quest, just so we wouldn’t be competing with each other. He accepted the invite, but said that he only asked that he could need all uncommon or higher items. He was gathering money for his guild bank. I politely told him no, we may both roll for them or I could do the quest separately. He agreed, but it was interesting that he thought such a request would be acceptable at higher levels.

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