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Ready to Rumble?

According to Wowjutsu, most guilds with enough level 70 players will eventually make it into Karazhan. And this is a good thing, both for lore junkies and people who want to get some PvE epics. While I’m not in Hyjal/BT end game guild (we are working on becoming one though!) I’ve been raiding for a long time now, and Karazhan remains one of my favorite raid instances. How do you know if your guild/alliance is ready to begin?

First…look at your gear. Are you still wearing lots of greens? If the answer is “Yes” (except if you are a druid tank type, many of your starter tank items will be green) then you should continue running the level 70 Five Mans – Shadow Labs, Shattered Halls, Steam Vaults, and the Tempest Keep trio both for the drops and the reputation. There are nice upgrades for every class available through the reputation quartermasters once you hit Revered and beyond. For DPS classes in particular, PvP rewards are also viable in PvE. If you have gotten pretty much everything you can out of the normal mode instances and maybe added in a few PvP and Heroic epics, then it’s time to enhance your gear. Having your equipment gemmed/glyphed/enchanted to the best of your abilities will go a long way to boosting your performance inside a raid instance.

You will want the appropriate helm Glyph, which can be purchased at Revered from the major Outlands factions. For example – Revered with Honor Hold/Thrallmar gets you a healing Glyph…Cenarion gets you a DPS Glyph. Also worth noting here – once you have chosen between Scryer and Aldor and have achieved Honored with them, their quartermasters sell “Inscriptions” which are the shoulder slot equivalent of the Glyphs mentioned above. There are four options, tanking, melee DPS, caster DPS, healer. As you turn in Fel Armaments or Arcane Tomes, you get tokens which can be used to purchase these Inscriptions. Should you get to Exalted, there are better versions of each type. Don’t forget your sockets! If you know you’ll have an item for a while, commit to putting blue quality gems in the sockets. Further, in most cases you should ignore the socket bonus and simply fill the sockets with whatever gems have stats that are best for your class. The bonuses are generally so small (and possibly irrelevant) that it is safe to ignore them. For items that you expect to upgrade out of quickly, at least put the green quality gems into any sockets they have. And finally, turn toward your friendly enchanters to complete the enhancement of your items. Many good enchants are costly, so I’d have to advise against, say, getting +35 agility on your Sonic Spear, but there are cost effective options for most slots, possibly by just not taking the “best” version of the enchant.

Once your gear is in good shape, look at your people. Take three healers at first. It doesn’t really matter what kind – the only thing I’d advise against is taking 3 of the *same* kind of healer – you want a mixture for the added buffs! Generally, have two tank specced classes, again, type doesn’t matter, but geared as best they can be. I started tanking Kara at 12K health and 13K AC as a reference. And the last 5 slots should go to your DPS classes. Team assembled? Enter the gates and either go right to try your hand against the Animal Bosses, or left to take on Midnight and Attumen the Huntsman. Moroes and the Maiden of Virtue lie up the stairs, and the rest of Kara above.

Last Note: At raidtime, you should bring lots of potions, reagents, buff foods, bandaids, and cash for the repair bills afterwards! Good luck! There are many wondrous sights to behold, in Karazhan and beyond!

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Thank you so much! This is a great article.

It’s rather sad, I was combing my screenshots folder trying desperately to find a screenshot of any of the early Kara bosses I mentioned, and I just don’t have any! *hangs head in shame*

What’s even more sad, I was just “in* Kara a few nights ago, and had been telling myself…don’t forget to take screenshots to go with the article… Did I? No. *hides*

At least I had Chess (so much fun!) and Nightbane.

The head enchant/glyph for DPS casters is from Sha’tar revered. 🙂

I know, and there’s that really wierd combination of stats from Lower City…Glyph of the Outcast I think it is…makes me think of Ret Pallies – is Blizzard being mean? There’s a tanking one from Revered with Keepers of Time too, I just mentioned the first couple that sprang to mind.

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