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That’s the Casual One…

By way of a short introduction, my name is Callistana. I am a level 70 Shadow Priest on the Perenolde US Server, and am a member and officer of the Sleeper Cartel.

First, I’d like to thank the Epic Dolls for allowing me to be a part of their wonderful website, and for allowing me to contribute, in some small way, to the wonderful women’s gaming community. I look forward to reading your questions and comments, and hope that I can find a “home” among the other Epic Dolls.

For a little bit about me, I am a 32-year-old wife and mother. My husband also games, and my little boy is interested in gaming as well. I have been a writer for fifteen years; I write both fiction and non-fiction. As far as fiction is concerned I write fantasy novels and horror short stories. In the non-fiction section, I have written many travel articles and articles about tattooing, as well as a few essays. Writing about gaming (and World of Warcraft specifically) is something that I have been interested in expanding into, and I’m excited that I’m finally getting the opportunity.

As far as my gaming experience goes, I have played on-line games since 1993. I started out with Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs) as a player, an administrator, and finally, a MUD owner. My husband and I then progressed to Everquest and then Everquest II, and in December 2005, friends introduced us to World of Warcraft. We began playing WoW on the Horde side, but when the guild we were a part of began to break up and eventually moved off the Perenolde Server, we switched factions. I joined the Sleeper Cartel in February 2006 at level 12 with my main toon, Callistana, and I have never looked back. I currently serve the SC as an officer, and serve in the capacity of “Guild Mom”, “Social Director”, “Bank Administrator”, “Female Troubadour”, “Gift Shop Administrator” and “Trainee Pseudo-Mentor”, as well as stuff I’m probably forgetting. I love being a part of the SC and have learned a lot about life and gaming by being a member.

I will be writing a regular column for the Epic Dolls blog, and hopefully I’ll give you an interesting read every week. I plan on writing a rotating column, switching between two different article formats from week to week. I will be answering your questions, addressing your concerns and giving you a little advice in my “Dear Calli” column. If you’re having trouble dealing with a guild mate, have a question about relating to others or would just want to know, “Hey, how do you do that?” send in your questions to epicdolls@yahoo.com, and I’ll give you “Mama Calli’s” take on the situation. I also plan on writing a “Social Side” article, in which I will be providing guides, hints, tips, and other useful information for developing the social side of your guild through activities and events for your guild members to take part in while in-game as well as tips on keeping your guild’s website and forums fun and enjoyable. I can even offer tips on good uses of the in-game guild bank as well as creating and running a gift shop for your guild!

I hope that with my contributions to the Epic Dolls website and blog, I can help to enrich your game play as much as mine has been enriched by learning and creating the things my articles will focus on. I am honored and deeply appreciative to the Epic Dolls for giving me this opportunity, and I can’t wait to get started!

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