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The Shattered Sun Rises

It came to pass Tuesday that the much anticipated content patch dropped on the live servers, and there was much rejoicing. I had mixed feelings about it myself, because as a raider with only just enough time to raid and not so much time to do heroics and badge runs, I logged in yesterday with only 57 of the 250 badges I need in order to purchase the two new items I want most, namely the Staff of the Forest Lord (Never gonna get 1850 rating in Arenas *sniff*) and the Embrace of Everlasting Prowess (because Mags hates me and we haven’t killed TK Kael yet).

So while I was a touch disappointed that I didn’t have another week or two in which to struggle and scrape together a few more badges…Come on, 2.4 dropped, how can I not be excited?!? Oh sure, I know due our lovely hostesses that I can’t get my gem recipes until the right section of the island is cleared, but I can be working on ingratiating myself to the Shattered Sun in the meantime!

I’d already gotten a PM from one of the guild’s resto druids wanting to know if I’d like to go explore, and had responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” We determined that we, along with 95% of the other 70’s on the server, were going to go to Quel’Danas. I have to say, that was an interesting flight. Apparently the griffon I took out of Ironforge flew so high and fast that poor Briara blacked out, cause in literally no time, she was arriving at the Staging Area. And having wisely picked up the two quests from Shattrath, there were people waiting to be talked to. I could see the ?’s marked on the map, but was having a problem pushing my way through the seething masses of fellow adventure seekers to get to them.

Sunwell Isle is not big. My server is low pop. My server is PvP. It was still wall to wall people. It was bloody chaos – literally. Our team assembled, avoided venturing past the guards because to do so was inviting death by PvP. We charged up the path to the Magister’s Terrace instance and were greeted by a wall of Horde being putzes. They were attacking Allied players trying to get into the instance – we lost our healer and she had to rez run in. Come on people, this is the first new content we have had in a long time, can we all get along for a few days until people have had a chance to see it? Thanks!

Once safely (hah!) in the instance, we looked around. Kael’Thas was maintaining his penchant for vanity and the boudoir look, as evidenced by the abundant statues of himself melded with brothel decor. He also brought along his insanely hard trash pulls. Caster heavy groups, a CC nightmare for our hunter heavy group. We soldiered bravely on (to the tune of an eventual 40G repair bill for myself at least) and pushed through the building, out onto the terrace – where we were treated to a marvelous vision of what was going on in the castle across the way – and then into the depths of the zone to face a much grimmer and less hale looking Kael’Thas. Unlike his incarnation in Tempest Keep, he was actually much easier than the boss and the caster groups right before him. So I can now say in all truthfullness…I’ve finally downed Kael’Thas! Defeating him the first time allows completion of a quest that gives you a choice of epic gems and unlocks the heroic mode of the instance. Our team killed everything that moved and gained about 2000 rep with the Shattered Sun.

Afterwards, we stayed together to do the quests and dailies offered by the denizens of the island, and then warped through a portal in search of The Missing Magistrix, which brought us to Hellfire Plateau right by Doom Lord Kazzak’s hangout. He wasn’t home, so we merrily ran about doing tasks for the Magistrix. Some of our group drifted off at that point, so I, having purchased the recipe for Brilliant Glass, decided to go try it out. I had to go to Ironforge to pick up my green gems, and my very first forging netted me a Living Ruby. I happily chop-chopped it and put it up on the AH. Yay, that should cover repairs for the night *grin* I then remembered the other daily I REALLY wanted to try…the fishing one. I was now stuck in Ironforge with my hearth down, so I took the tram to Stormwind with the intent of using the Poor Man’s Portal. And there my night ended, for when I zoned, I was disconnected and attempts to log back in resulted in immediate disconnects. Hubby was still logged in, and if General chat in Shattrath was an indication, I was by no means alone in my plight.

It was already quite late, so it’s probably just as well. I might still be out there, feverishly doing daily quests for the Shattered Sun!

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Grats on the phoenix pet! Yay! I’m now officially jealous. =)

I got the pet on our second run – I got insanely excited when I saw it drop, and overjoyed when I won it!

I’m really enjoying the Sunwell! Our server was at 91% to open stage two when I logged last night, so I’m hoping to see the next section today! I’ve run Magister’s three times normal mode and the Phoenix dropped on two of those, so either we were insanely lucky or it’s not too rare. (I haven’t seen many people with them, so we might have just been very lucky!) Magister’s normal is harder than many other heroics. We got hubby’s healer heroic enabled last night and then went back in to try it on Heroic. The pulls were not much harder, but the two bosses we tried definitely were.

If you are going to try it, I definitely recommend a well geared prot paladin tank and as much CC as you can stuff into the group. Our guild team that completed it on heroic took three mages!

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