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Dear Calli

Hello Calli,

When I joined the Doll’s guild, one of the questions put to me was why I waited so long to join, since I was a long time listener. My reply was that I had been focusing on “my Main” on another server….This leads to my question.

How does an admitted Alt-aholic maintain good relations with multiple guilds across multiple servers? My main is a 70 with responsibilities, and I have other Alliance alts in that guild as well, but I want to keep a good relationship Perenolde/Horde side with the Dolls. Personally I am a member of only two guilds, the Epic Dolls/Horde and Clan of Tara/Alliance, but I have heard of people who are members of several guilds…I don’t know how they can do it. Thanks *Faith, Trust, and Arcane Dust* Velanna

Hi Velanna!

To answer your question, since I’ve never spent time on any server other than Perenolde, I solicited the advice of another member of the Sleeper Cartel, Marwyn. For over a year she split her time between the Sleeper Cartel on Perenolde and the Bloodhoof Server. Her answer to your question is:

“I suppose the question to ask is if you are having fun on both servers. Is it enhancing your game play and letting you experience what you want? Or are you feeling stretched or like you are having to make hard choices between the two and do those choices conflict in such a way as to cause problems?

There are some people who have no trouble at all leading a dual server life. They have a large circle of friends on both and can keep up with demands of both guilds. They pop in and out of guild chat and don’t seem the worse for wear. They share their accomplishments and ideas between the guilds. They thrive on the excitement and the challenge of it all. And then there are other people who prefer a slower pace and smaller circle of friends so the demands of keeping up with two guilds, two schedules, is overwhelming and ends up taking too big a toll.

I’m one of the later. Dual server life was not something I could maintain and keep my sanity. As a working adult with two children, a husband and a household to maintain, my play time is limited. I led a dual server life for just over a year. I have enough stress in my life so I didn’t want to complicate my game life with the demands of keeping up with two guilds. I was an officer and class leader in a large guild on server A, and just had an alt in a casual guild on server B. I eventually had to make a choice and I chose to leave server A where I had been for two years, and move my main to server B, where I was enjoying the game more. And I don’t regret my decision one bit. I made the right choice and I love it.

Not everyone will have to make that decision. Having the experience of two guilds can be a benefit since you can see different sides of things, especially if one guild is progressing further along in the game than the other one. It can give you an outlet to relax in one place where you can’t do that so much on the other. It can give you a place to hide out and recharge your batteries, so to speak. Only you can decide if you are enjoying the game more because you are maintaining relationships with two different guilds. You have to weigh the pros and cons of both and see where it leaves you.”

Special thanks to my “Dear Calli” guest speaker for this week’s column, Marwyn. I think she’s answered Velanna’s question much better than I could have. Since I strive to give the best possible information in response to the questions that are asked, I turned to her because I have no experience at all with dual-server or dual-guild life. I hope Marwyn’s answer to your question, Velanna, is what you were looking for!

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YAY Marwyn!

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