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Bugs or Bombs?

My poor Venture Co, we are a low pop RP/PvP server. We are still working on building our forge. At least the job is getting done, slowly but surely. I am certainly enjoying the daily quests, most of which are fairly quick to complete. I certainly love the bonus Badges of Justice that sometimes find their way into my reward bags. I’m less fond of the statistically small but signifigant fraction of each faction that wants to turn Quel’Danas into a fifth type of Battleground. It’s quite certainly a different experience than the events leading up to the opening of the AQ instances, for which I was also around. I’ve seen the question bandied around in several communities I am in: Which kind of event is better? AQ style, or Sunwell style?

At first thought, I’m going to have to come down heavily on the fence on this. Since I was not max level in the days of the AQ event, I appreciated that I could still contribute to the server’s progress via the gathering quests. I’d make the rounds in Ironforge daily, hoping to get a couple more turnins of whatever it was that I was gathering before that requested item was fully stocked, so I could earn some rep with the big factions. Now since I was not 60 nor was I in a raiding guild at the time, I didn’t contribute materially to the final stages in which the Sceptre of the Sands was gathered – that part of it was beyond me. With the content opened via the server war effort being only for raiders, it was of no benefit to me personally, but I was still happy to have helped, and I did get rewarded with some rep. To this day, I have yet to step inside one of the AQ raiding zones.

Now as far as the reclamation of the Isle of Quel’Danas goes, if you aren’t already level 70, you need not apply. For one, many of the dailies require a flying mount. And pre-70, you probably wouldn’t want to anyway, it’s bothersome enough on some days for my mostly S3 geared self to make it through the quests without taking a couple of involuntary trips to the local graveyard, courtesy of the opposing factions’ gank squad…anyone below level 70 would be cannon fodder for these kinds of people who prey on their fellow players. Now if you *are* level 70, these quests can be quite a lot of fun, not to mention profitable. I do rather wish they’d included a few dailies for the non-70 set so that those who wanted to could also make their small mark, but as with AQ, the content being opened is for people at max level, so perhaps it is right and fitting to make the effort required to see it rest squarely on the shoulders of those who will utilize it.

Ok, at second glance, it seems that I am not as on the fence as I first thought. Overall, I do like the Quel’Danas style event more. Because I can fully participate. Because even if one side totally boycotted the events, the other side could still forge on and eventually go to the next stage, unlike AQ, where progress got held up indefinately on some servers because one of the factions refused to gather. Because I get occasional free BoJ’s. Because there are non agressive murlocs available for wreaking long overdue revenge. Because I want my coffers well stocked before WoTLK comes out – no telling *what* the cost of things will be, and if BC has been any indication, my instintcs tell me: Expensive. But mostly…because more bombing quests is always a good thing!

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Well I am new to the game with a lvl78 dk and a lvl 55 shaman and just want to know if there is any tips on what classes or gear to use and plus urging to get lvl 85dk xxx : )

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