• The Epic Dolls podcast and blog is made by the women of World of Warcraft. In each episode we focus on news, tips, lore, roleplaying and stories from our lives in WoW. Contact us at epicdolls at yahoo dot com.


The Dolls

So who are the ladies behind the Epic Dolls podcast and blog?

Leala Turkey – Podcast Host

Leala is a long time gamer who’s been playing MMO’s since back in the days of Ultima Online. She’s been with WoW since the summer of ’05 and has 3 main characters, a Rogue, Warlock and Pally. Her main focus in game is leveling, socializing and a bit of PVP thrown in for good measure. She is also the leader of the Epic Dolls guild. The podcast came about in August of ’07 as an idea to create a community of female gamers and was inspired by others such as Women of Warcraft. You can contact both Leala and Katerina with any questions about the website or podcast at epicdolls at yahoo dot com.

Salty Katerina – Podcast Co-host

Having played WoW since 2005, Katerina picked up her headset and joined the Epic Dolls podcast in February 2009.  Katerina enjoys many aspects of the game, including fishing, chasing achievements, and raiding with her guild “Somewhat Fantastic” on the Dalaran Server. Although she enjoys playing many toons, her focus remains her beloved Sharlot, a NE Druid, with whom she has explored the width and breadth of Azeroth with for many years.  A blog-aholic and podcast addict, Kat loves reading about and listening to the experiences of other gamers as much as she loves diving into gaming discussions with other WoW players herself.

Stardancer – “Off the Beaten Path”

Stardancer became involved in the podcast and website in Jan. ’08 when she started to write in sightseeing tips for the show. In Feb. she began recording her sightseeing tips as audio segments for the podcast called “Off the Beaten Path”. Stardancer’s expertise comes from her background in roleplaying and her love of exploration. Her unique “stop and smell the roses” gaming style is a wonderful addition to both the podcast and the website. If you have any questions for Star, you can check out her blog or contact her at stardancerelf at gmail dot com.

Illidarian – Podcast Lore Lessons

Illidarian joined the ladies as a lore segment contributor to the podcast in Feb. ’08. Her passion for the lore of the Warcraft universe is amazing. The main target of her affection though, is her favorite character, Illidan Stormrage. Her presentation has a very unique twist as has become an invaluable part of the podcast. In game her focus is her Draenei Mage and Blood Elf Paladin. You can visit Illidarian’s personal blog here and contact her with questions about her lore segments at illidarian at yahoo dot com.

Former Dolls:

Rae – Rae helped host the podcast from Feb. ’08  to Feb. ’09 spanning episodes 27-60. Her expertise and knowledge of the game truly helped shape the podcast and make it what it is today.

Hunter Haley – Haley contributed her “Hunter Hints” and sense of humor to Epic Dolls as the podcast co-host for episodes 1-26.

Meta – Meta was the first audio segment contributor to the podcast with her Reputation guides and Macro tips.

Callistana – Called helped with the Epic Dolls website by contributing advice through her “Dear Calli” and “Calli’s Column” articles. You can still check out her great articles in our website archives.

Briara – Briara helped us as we began the new website with many articles about raiding, pets and the Druid class.

Thank you ladies for everything you do!

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