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Sorry for the longer than normal podcast delay. We’ll be back with a new co-host and new episodes really soon. Real life has decided to PWN us lately but things will be back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience.


Epic Dolls February Guild Update Podcast

This month Leala is joined by Illidarian and Gramual to talk about whats been happening with the guild. We start out playing the “Get to Know You Game” with some very interesting answers from our guests (no the answer to every question is not Illidan). We give big thanks to the Welcome Wagon team and give updates on our status in Naxx. Gram schools us a bit on Wintergrasp and we welcome our new members and give grats to those who hit 70 and 80 this month. Make sure to come to the Feb. guild party, 80’s Night on Sunday, Feb. 22 at 7PM Server. Enjoy!

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Epic Dolls Episode 60 – The End of an Era

This episode the Dolls talk about the holiday, Lunar Festival and read some listener mail with mod suggestions including Achievement Snap and SaySapped. We also give some advice and answer a newbie question. Stardancer joins us again with “Off the Beaten Path” and Illidarian shares with us Cenarius lore. We also share what we’ve been up to lately and make a big announcement. If you’d like to be the next Epic Doll please make sure to send your recordings to Leala at epicdolls at yahoo.com. Thank you so much for an amazing year Rae, we will all miss you greatly.


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Music by Palomar.

Epic Dolls LF1M for Podcast

The Epic Dolls are looking for a new regular co-host for the podcast and we need your help. Do you think you are just the person I need? Or maybe you know someone who would be great. Well here’s a little more info about what exactly it takes to be on the Epic Dolls podcast.

Sorry guys but the Epic Dolls podcast is focused on the perspective of the female gamers.

Epic Dolls is a bi-weekly podcast so consistency and time commitment are a big deal. Schedules can be flexible but we will need to set aside about 2 hours every other week for actual recording time. And you will probably be doing several hours a week worth of research to keep up on info so we’ll have topics to discuss.

One thing that is important to me with the show is a positive attitude and love of the game. I don’t do a podcast to take a hour out of people’s day for them to listen to me complain. WoW is first and foremost a game and we should be having fun.

It’s important to share a lot of good information on the show and I need a co-host who knows their stuff. You don’t have to be an expert but experience with a high level character and desire to share knowledge and learn about the game are essential.

I know this may sound like a lot but it’s really not that scary. Podcasting is really fun and rewarding so don’t be shy. So if you are interested follow the instructions on our forums to record a .mp3 introduction of yourself. If you have any questions at all about this don’t hesitate to email us at epicdolls at yahoo.com. Looking forward to the possibilities.

Epic Dolls Episode 59 – New Years WoW Resolutions

The Dolls are back after a bit of an unexpected hiatus with a tiny bit of news about enchanting changes and Ulduar. We talk more about Northrend fashion and the look of all the new gear. We share some more achievement help with tips for Ultimate Triage, Critter Gitter and Merrymaker (just a little late). Illidarian teaches us about Mannoroth and also helps us with a listener question about Arthas. Then we make our new years resolutions for WoW. What are yours?

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Song of the Show: The Fear by Lily Allen (please don’t sue us Lily, we <3 you)

Epic Dolls January Guild Update Podcast

This month on the show Leala is joined by guild officer and one of our raid leaders, Crawl. We talk about the new and improved guild bank and our updated raid charter. January is “gear up the guild” and “lets get ready to raaaaiiiddd” month for the Dolls. We’ll be doing some BC retro fun runs on Jan. 10, 14 and 17 leading into our first Naxx raid on Jan. 21. Feel free to study up on Naxx by watching some videos at Tankspot. Grats to all of our guild first winners including profession levelers. We also welcome our new members and give grats to those who hit 70 and 80 this month. Our guild party for January is a Lumberjack Festival to be held in Grizzly Hills on Jan. 18 at 7PM Server time.

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Epic Dolls Episode 58 – “What if you could…”

This time the Dolls discuss the upcoming patch 3.0.8 changes as well as dual specs, character re-customization and the updated Be Imba. We share some more achievement help with tips for Guru of Drakuru and Mine Sweeper. We also run down the top 10 holiday gifts for the WoW player in your life. (Hint: it involves a plush murloc!) Stardancer joins us “Off the Beaten Path” and Illidarian shares lore about Ner’zhul. With the new paid character changes, the Dolls do some day-dreaming about “what if you could…” We also respond to a listener comment about our last discussion on dungeon difficulty. And at the end of the show is another installment of the Robinsuuns.

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Song: Desire on Repeat by Vedera.

Epic Dolls December Guild Update Podcast

This month we have a BIG show as Sesshomaru joins Leala to help celebrate the one year anniversary of the creation of the Epic Dolls guild. We get to know our guest as usual and Leala shares “10 things I’ve learned about guild leadership”. Looking ahead, we talk about things upcoming for year 2 of Epic Dolls including a new guild charter, new volunteer Enchanted Rare Dolls, more PVP fun, building our level 80 raid team and the new Welcome Wagon system. Also we welcome new members and give huge grats to those who hit 70 and even 80 this month! Make sure to check out our first guild PVP event at Strand of the Ancients on Dec. 14 at 1PM Server. Also make sure to attend (and bring a weird or wacky wrapped gift) to our Winter’s Veil party on Dec. 19 at 7PM Server.

Song: The Guild: A Christmas Raid Carol

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Epic Dolls Episode 57 – Are Achievements the New “Hardcore”?

This episode the Dolls cover some news including the new and improved Armory site. We point everyone to some sites that can help you with the tough achievements including the Zone Quest Drops, Well Read and Veteran of the Wrathgate. Leala gives a fashion tip highlighting the hot looks in Northrend for Fall. We share more of what we’ve been up to in Northrend and ponder the question “Are achievements the new hardcore?” Illidarian is back again with a super awesome extended lore lesson about the Man himself, Arthas Menethil.

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Song of the show: “I love the whole world (of warcraft)” by Ilcyra. Thanks for your inspiring song and funny video.

Epic Dolls Episode 56 – The Epic Dolls Invade Northrend

This show is all about our first impressions and the release of the long awaited Wrath of the Lich King. We weigh in on the world and server firsts as well as the addition of BOE epics on raid bosses in Nax. Then we share what we’ve been up to in the first few days including going to the midnight release, playing our Death Knights, questing, leveling, tradeskilling and heading into Utgarde Keep. Stardancer shares with us her adventures on day 1 and 2 of release. And at the end of the show we have another episode of the Robinsuuns. Enjoy!

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Song of the Show: Sleep Well by Ryan Smith