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What’s In a Name? (or, Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Toon)

In a virtual world filled with “Ikeelu” and “Ugonnadie”, choosing the perfect name for your toon can be a big decision. It’s the label that you put upon yourself, the way you will be identified for the life of that character. If you choose to make the toon your “main”, it will become your online personality, and the reputation attached to that name will follow you through all your travels within Azeroth.

So, what’s the best name to choose for your toon? Blizzard has a few hard-and-fast guidelines that players are expected to follow when naming a game character, which include rules restricting names which may be offensive, reference real-world people or places, are full or partial sentences, or which may be pure gibberish. If Blizzard finds that you’ve created a toon with a name like this, you will be asked to change the name.

With all these restrictions, how does one name a character in a unique manner? I’ve assembled a few tips that may be helpful in choosing the perfect name for your next character. (more…)

Calli’s Column

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being patient with me while I got my real-life issues straightened out, and let you all know that I’m back, writing for Epic Dolls, answering your questions and offering my advice. Thanks again for your patience and the opportunity to share my knowledge with the rest of you!

Applications & Guilds – A Tool for Finding the “Perfect Fit”

People create guilds for a variety of reasons; for personal bank space, for a place to play with family and friends, or a way to set an ideal gaming environment for a larger group of players. Regardless of the reason your form your guild, one of the first things you must consider is the method of recruitment you wish to use.

Many new guilds utilize Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Recruitment Forums to get the word out that their guild is actively seeking members. Once that word is out, however, the next question is whether or not your guild will accept every person who requests membership. One way some guilds decide on whether a potential member will be a good fit is through a website-based application. (more…)