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Dear Calli

Dear Calli:

I am a female player who really enjoys raiding. I am also an under-officer in a large non-raiding guild. As you know, this game is dominated by guys. I’m finding it hard to maintain my “serious raider” and “officer” role with my “fun, friendly, chipper guildie” role. I find that I get unwanted comments that are of a flirtatious nature and I don’t know how to “combat” them without losing something in the process. Any advice?

An Officer and a Lady

Dear “Officer and a Lady”,

I have seen your problem before, and it’s a painful one. How do you balance a friendly, caring attitude toward your guild-mates while appearing as an assertive, competent woman? It can be maddening at times, and I’ve been there. I hope some of my advice can help you out a little.


Dear Calli

Hello Calli,

When I joined the Doll’s guild, one of the questions put to me was why I waited so long to join, since I was a long time listener. My reply was that I had been focusing on “my Main” on another server….This leads to my question.

How does an admitted Alt-aholic maintain good relations with multiple guilds across multiple servers? My main is a 70 with responsibilities, and I have other Alliance alts in that guild as well, but I want to keep a good relationship Perenolde/Horde side with the Dolls. Personally I am a member of only two guilds, the Epic Dolls/Horde and Clan of Tara/Alliance, but I have heard of people who are members of several guilds…I don’t know how they can do it. Thanks *Faith, Trust, and Arcane Dust* Velanna

Hi Velanna!

To answer your question, since I’ve never spent time on any server other than Perenolde, I solicited the advice of another member of the Sleeper Cartel, Marwyn. For over a year she split her time between the Sleeper Cartel on Perenolde and the Bloodhoof Server. Her answer to your question is:


Dear Calli

This is a fantastic idea!

In a future blog, do you have suggestions or information on how to organize a guild bank or how can we organize it better? Our bank at ER is mess. What sorts of things should be in it? Do we put tradeskill items other members can use for their trades?

Thank you in advance.

“Off the Beaten Path” Audio Segments for Epic Dolls
70 Druidof Earthenring (
Alliance) “the House of Stormrage” 25+ Paladinof Perenolde (Horde) “Epic Dolls”

Hi Stardancer!

Thanks for your question about guild banks. I’ve got a little bit of advice about guild banks, and hopefully it will be useful to you. The answer to your question is not an easy one, however; one answer cannot be applied universally across the board for all guilds.


Dear Calli

Dear Calli,

How can I get my guild mates to be more active on our web site? I’ve put a lot of work into it and added social features, such as a blog, articles, and a forum, but I’m still the only person using the site. I’ve ask from time to time if they go on the site. Some do, some don’t, but none of them contributes. Thanks.

Marfe Jokin, Night Elf Priest
Blackwater Raiders Realm

Hi Marfe!

Thanks for writing in with your question, and I think I can help you out with this one.

I’ve read over your website, and the amount of information you have on there is impressive. I’m going to offer some general advice about what you can do for your website that hopefully will apply across the board for guilds looking to improve their websites and interested in getting more guild participation on their websites.


Dear Calli

Dear Calli,

I’ll make this question an easy one for you. 😉

Could you explain how to design and run successful guild events?

Jalasea – Epic Dolls

Stephenn – Sleeper Cartel

Thanks, Stephenn, for my first “Dear Calli” question!

You say “I’ll make this question an easy one”, but I have to tell you, that’s not an easy question to answer with much efficiency. I hope what I answer here for you doesn’t disappoint or make you feel like I’m “copping out” on you, but much of what I would have to say in answer to this question will make up the bulk of my “Social Side” column. Therefore, I will only briefly answer your question to give you a little taste of what to expect from the “Social Side” articles in the future.