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Epic Dolls Guild Update Podcast September

This month we welcome our guest host Ignisia to the show and talk about some fun stuff relating to the guild. We cover the new guild application process and how it works. We also give updates on our stellar week in Kara. Check out the cool Voice Overlay program for vent that makes it easier to tell who’s talking. We welcome an amazing 22 new members and give grats to our members who hit 70 and 60 this month! Also make sure to mark down the guild event for the month, Leala’s B-Day Bash, on Sept. 21 at 2PM Server Time. Be there or be square!

Check it out exclusively at our forums.

Calli’s Column

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being patient with me while I got my real-life issues straightened out, and let you all know that I’m back, writing for Epic Dolls, answering your questions and offering my advice. Thanks again for your patience and the opportunity to share my knowledge with the rest of you!

Applications & Guilds – A Tool for Finding the “Perfect Fit”

People create guilds for a variety of reasons; for personal bank space, for a place to play with family and friends, or a way to set an ideal gaming environment for a larger group of players. Regardless of the reason your form your guild, one of the first things you must consider is the method of recruitment you wish to use.

Many new guilds utilize Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Recruitment Forums to get the word out that their guild is actively seeking members. Once that word is out, however, the next question is whether or not your guild will accept every person who requests membership. One way some guilds decide on whether a potential member will be a good fit is through a website-based application. (more…)

The Epic Dolls Guild

So we’ve done it! We’ve created an Epic Dolls guild and decided to open recruitment to all of our wonderful listeners. Just create a character on Perenolde Horde side and send a tell in-game to Lealu or Latora. We’ll be happy to have you in the guild.

For now the only rules are:

1. Be nice and have fun

2. Don’t use offensive language in guild chat

3. Don’t beg for money, items or run-throughs

We’ll see where this crazy idea takes us and create more guidelines for the guild later. See ya in game!