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Keys Please: The Kara Edition

So you’ve been using your keys to good effect. You’ve probably gotten most of your dungeon set from the level 70 5 mans. You might have tested your prowess in some heroics. Now your mind is turning toward bigger and better things…to whit…Karazhan. Let me rhapsodize a moment. I’ve been to Mount Hyjal and seen the sewers of the Black Temple before my raiding guild went asplodey. Karazhan is my favorite of these raids even still. So much lore, the ambient music is catchy, and the boss fights definitely take on a bigger feel than the ones you have encountered in 5 mans. Now you might reasonably ask “Briara, I don’t need the key to get into Kara anymore, why should I do this quest line?” (more…)

Keys Please!

Firstly, if you are a rogue with maxxed lockpicking, you can smirk and move along *grin*

Secondly, while only one person in your party will have to have some of these keys we will be going over, I personally do not want to be that player, you know…the one you had to run all the way back to the instance entrance to let in because they don’t have their own key? Healers may get a free pass here, but the rest of us are more disposable *smile* (more…)