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Epic Dolls Special Annoucement

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Epic Dolls Episode 69 – Changes, Thank Yous and Goodbyes

Leala is joined this time on Epic Dolls by Salty Kat and Stardancer to talk about change. Change in the game with Patch 3.2, change in guilds with raiding, change in our personal playstyles and change with the podcast.


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Epic Dolls Episode 68 – Off the Path with Kelly Aarons

This show is a special episode of “Off the Beaten Path”. Stardancer with guest hosts Illidarian and Ria, take a moment to talk with Kelly Aarons from World of Warcraft, Eh? online comic. They talk about everything from WoW, drawing, and comics to flight form, microwaves, “geeky stuff”, and women gamers/developers and entrepeneurs! Enjoy

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Epic Dolls Episode 67 – Out-of-Game Relationships

We are back this week a little late (sorry) to talk about a bit of news including the new druid forms. We give a big thanks and farewell to the Elunes Grace Podcast. Stardancer joins us “Off the Beaten Path” and Illidarian teaches us about Korialstrasz. We also continue our discussion on the social side of WoW, this time talking about our out-of-game relationships. How do your relate to people in your life who don’t understand your hobby?  Can gamers and non-gamers meet in the middle? Listen and enjoy.


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Epic Dolls June Guild Update Podcast

This time on the show Leala is joined by Augustus and Riata to talk about what the guild’s been up to lately. We talk about raiding in Ulduar and our plans for a second raid team. We thank our new volunteers on the welcome wagon team and give grats to our new officer, Sess. Make sure to check out all the cool things on the forums including our new RP section for the guild and Augustus’s video quest guides. We also welcome our new members and give grats to those who hit level 80 this month. Be there or be square for our Disco Night party on Sun. June 28 7PM Server in Ungoro crater. Enjoy!

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Epic Dolls Episode 66 – In-Game Relationships

This episode the Dolls are back with lots of news including info about the new Blizzard MMO, Patch 3.1.2 as well as 3.2. We are excited about the updated Wow.com and the new podcast Inside Azeroth. Stardancer joins us “Off the Beaten Path” with an interview with Lannia and Illidarian teaches us more about Malfurion Stormrage. We also start a new discussion series about the social side of WoW with part one being about our in-game relationships. How does gaming create bonds? What significance are your game friends? How does Vent affect your relationships? Are cliques good or bad and what about problem children? Listen and enjoy!


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Epic Dolls May Guild Update Podcast – Raiding Special!

This month Leala is joined by our guild raid leaders Ros, Crawl and Sess to celebrate our first clear of Naxx and talk about the state of raiding with the Dolls. We cover OS25 and our plans for EoE and Ulduar. We also have a lot of fun with the new Epic Dolls raid drinking game. We welcome our new members of the month and give grats to those who hit 80. Make sure to come to our monthly party this time on May 17 at 7PM server for Achievement Night where we’ll be working on the Pest Control and All the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before achievements. The guide we will be using is here.

This show is a MUST listen if you have ever raided with the Dolls or ever want to raid with us.

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Epic Dolls Episode 65 – Continuing Discussions

This episode the Dolls are back to talk about the Ulduar nerfs, the in-game holidays of Noblegarden and Children’s Week and the best thing to happen to WoW since Bejeweled, Peggle. Stardancer takes us “Off the Beaten Path” and Illidarian teaches us about Malfurion Stormrage. We also take some time to respond to listener comments and questions about our last show as well as give some advice about guilds.  Listen and enjoy!


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Epic Dolls Episode 64 – Philosophy of Play

The Dolls are back this time, hot on the heels of the release of Patch 3.1. We discuss the good and bad of patch time including dual specs and Ulduar. We answer a listener email about fishing and also give a fashion tip. We take a brief departure from our series on guilds to talk about some articles this week that relate to gaming in general and the philosophy of play. And Illidarian joins us again to talk about the lore of Sapphiron.


Articles mentioned:

400K Women in WoW

Human Play

People Need to Play More

10 Ways to Make Your GM Love You, 10 Ways to Make Your Guild Love You, 10 Ways to Make Your Raid Leader Love You

Virginworlds Episode 142

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Epic Dolls Episode 63 – Raiding in 3 Styles with Special Guest Stompalina

This time on Epic Dolls, Leala and Kat are joined by Stompalina from the Rawrcast for a special episode all about raiding. The ladies cover all aspects of raiding from rosters, preparation, theorycrafting, strategy, ranking and loot from three very different perspectives. Leala represents the casual raiding, Kat the intermediate and Stomp the hardcore raider. It turns out to be a very interesting discussion and we hope you enjoy. And Stardancer joins us again with another “Off the Beaten Path”.


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