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Bugs or Bombs?

My poor Venture Co, we are a low pop RP/PvP server. We are still working on building our forge. At least the job is getting done, slowly but surely. I am certainly enjoying the daily quests, most of which are fairly quick to complete. I certainly love the bonus Badges of Justice that sometimes find their way into my reward bags. I’m less fond of the statistically small but signifigant fraction of each faction that wants to turn Quel’Danas into a fifth type of Battleground. It’s quite certainly a different experience than the events leading up to the opening of the AQ instances, for which I was also around. I’ve seen the question bandied around in several communities I am in: Which kind of event is better? AQ style, or Sunwell style? (more…)

Ready to Rumble?

According to Wowjutsu, most guilds with enough level 70 players will eventually make it into Karazhan. And this is a good thing, both for lore junkies and people who want to get some PvE epics. While I’m not in Hyjal/BT end game guild (we are working on becoming one though!) I’ve been raiding for a long time now, and Karazhan remains one of my favorite raid instances. How do you know if your guild/alliance is ready to begin?


Post Holiday Cheer

The holidays have come and gone, and so have the relatives. I cheered to fireworks both real and virtual on New Year’s eve. And was with great anticipation that hubby and I logged in, looking forward to getting back to raiding…and we didn’t have enough healers on to start clearing Serpent Shrine last night. So my little 5 man clique wanted to run a heroic. We haven’t run a heroic in ages, possibly due to the fact that our healer hasn’t logged on in about a month. So remember that part where we couldn’t raid because there were no healers?


Raidaholics Anonymous

Hi, my name is Briara, and I’m a raidaholic. I have a secret crush on Leotheras the Blind, because he is one fine specimen of Demon Hunter, even if he is differently abled. This does not mean that I won’t do my best to dispatch my Inner Demon, but I covertly wonder if I could take out one of my guildmates in Leotheras’ defense if I fail to get it in time! (Having recently done this fight, I know that my guild leader would tear me apart quickly, so I’d have to be fast….)


Women in Raids

An interesting article was posted today at the Ten Ton Hammer website. It is about how having a female in a raiding guild affects the dynamics of the group. It is a well written article that does seem to bring to light a lot of perceptions that obviously exist in the game but are often unsaid. (more…)