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Stardancer’s Sightseeing Guide 5

ZONE: Tanaris
ZONE LEVEL: 45+ (50 to complete the quest)
FACTION: Alliance and Horde
LOCATION: Southern wall of Tanaris is the ruins of Uldum

There is a wall and slightly broken gate located in the south of Tanaris. Guarding this entrance are stone golems. There is a quest which takes you to this locale (alliance side) where you engage a disc (located on the ground) and learn about the Titans.


Stardancer’s Sightseeing Guide 4

(Official Name: The Giant Guardian)
ZONE: Feralas
Zone Level: 49
FACTION: Alliance
LOCATION: In Feralas Forest near the Harpy and stone guardian area.

The guild affectionately renamed this quest due to the wandering nature of Stardancer. She was always wandering off (usually after herbs) with no notice. An often repeated question resounding in guildchat was, “Ummm, where’s Star?”. Perhaps you know someone like this, or you have children, a cousin or others. This humorous quest is for you.


Stardancer’s Sightseeing Guides 1, 2 & 3

So I had the realization this week that Stardancer’s wonderful sightseeing guides would probably be better for the blog posts so that you can look the quests and places up when you have time to go and see them. So I’m reposting parts 1 and 2 that we talked about on our last couple podcasts. Part 3 is new this week. Hope you enjoy!