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Bugs or Bombs?

My poor Venture Co, we are a low pop RP/PvP server. We are still working on building our forge. At least the job is getting done, slowly but surely. I am certainly enjoying the daily quests, most of which are fairly quick to complete. I certainly love the bonus Badges of Justice that sometimes find their way into my reward bags. I’m less fond of the statistically small but signifigant fraction of each faction that wants to turn Quel’Danas into a fifth type of Battleground. It’s quite certainly a different experience than the events leading up to the opening of the AQ instances, for which I was also around. I’ve seen the question bandied around in several communities I am in: Which kind of event is better? AQ style, or Sunwell style? (more…)

The Shattered Sun Rises

It came to pass Tuesday that the much anticipated content patch dropped on the live servers, and there was much rejoicing. I had mixed feelings about it myself, because as a raider with only just enough time to raid and not so much time to do heroics and badge runs, I logged in yesterday with only 57 of the 250 badges I need in order to purchase the two new items I want most, namely the Staff of the Forest Lord (Never gonna get 1850 rating in Arenas *sniff*) and the Embrace of Everlasting Prowess (because Mags hates me and we haven’t killed TK Kael yet).