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Bear Tank 101 – Talents

I’ve had a request to do a guide on Bear tanking. To that end…here we go! We have a lot of ground to cover, so I’m going to split this up. Generally speaking, a bear tank works a lot like a warrior – we have a rage bar just like them, and our special attacks cost rage, just like theirs do. Rage is gained both from taking and giving damage as well as from special talents.

Lets talk about those talents first. If you want to tank, you are going to have to put 41 points into the Feral Tree. At least 41. Because you will require Mangle as a bear to keep your threat up. When tanking, threat generation should be your biggest concern, because that it what keeps the baddies mad at you and not at your DPS and healers. So, on the way to getting that 41 point talent, there are some other things you really should pick up to help maximize your tanking capabilities.