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The Best Defense is…a good Defense Rating

My hubby had a bad Pick up Group experience over the weekend, and I thought I would relate both it and some related extremely useful theorycraft! Hubby’s been working on repping up and gearing up his recently 70 holy paladin, otherwise known as healadin. It came to pass this weekend that he was in a PuG trying to complete the daily heroic, which happened to be Blood Furnace. After they gathered a full group, they gamely headed off to the summoning stone. They got through the first room and up to the top of the steps, at which point the lock’s daddy told the group his seven year old had to go to bed and kthxbye. As the rest of the group went afk/idle while a replacement was looked for, hubby inspected the tank because he had been telling me as they were going that he was having to spam heal the fellow.