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So many pets, so little time

I’m many things, a druid, a vanity pet nut, and in general a night elf Magpie (possibly some similar class to a Night Elf Mohawk?). “Ooooh” Briara says, “Shiny! I’ll keep it in my bank forever and ever!” Combined with the multiple sets of gear most ferals carry, you can imagine my bank space is tight. I carry ten vanity pets in my bags, and another thirty-something live in the bank and get swapped in and out on occasion. As enthusiastic as I am about collecting them, I only have 43 so far. I’ve had to constrain myself to only getting one color of the vendor pets. As a reference, there are 98 vanity pets in the game currently – halfway there! For a little something different today, and in recognition of the newest and possibly one of the coolest ones, I thought I’d share some of my favorite vanity pets and a (very) brief rundown of how to get them. So…lets go to a pet show. (more…)