I am a 39 year old writer, artist and drummer currently living in Dallas, Texas with my lovely wife Leala and our animals. I am what you would call a freelancer, in that I take writing gigs as I can get them. I was at Massively.com for nearly four years and have also written for MMORPG.com, AbleGamers.com, Games.com, DroidGamers.com (before they decided to stop paying me) and have been a guest in a lot of other places. I also host and co-host podcasts and vidcasts. My most recent series is called Gamer Hangout. I also host a YouTube channel with videos about tech, gaming and life in general.

My first novel, Anna the Powerful, is available for purchase right now. Currently it is on Amazon’s store, but will soon be on many other major stores as well. If you purchase it, please leave a review! If you want a free copy for review, let me know!