Hello. I’m Beau.



My name is Beau Hindman. You might know me as a games writer, author, drummer, or artist. I used to cover mostly games, and mostly MMORPGs. (Online games.) I’m a Freelancer as well.

That means I freelance jobs… I write and work for different companies that specialize in different things. I am a handyman with words. I have written a novel (which you can buy at many stores here!) and am currently in plans to write a second one. You can see my art and hear the bands I played for if you follow the menus above.

Currently I am at:

Apple – my current gig

Formerly of:

Illyriad Games – Community Manager/PR

Freelanced for:

Trion Worlds – Customer Service
Metaverse Mod Squad – Moderator/Customer service
MMORPG.com: – Columnist
Massively.com – Columnist
Blog.Games.com – Columnist
DroidGamers – Columnist
AbleGamers.com – Columnist

BeauHindman.com – Writing here since 2001.

Drummer for almost 30 years.

Artist since childhood.

Contact me at:

beauhindman at outlook dot com