A big change in things

Freelancing is a funny thing. It’s not money-maker. It’s actually the perfect definition of beloved-hobby-as-barely-sustainable-job. A freelancer grabs what they can, tries to keep projects within the bounds of the area of expertise and occasionally accepts some dud jobs just to make ends meet.

I’ve been living this life for nearly 6 years.

It’s been really fun, but I will now be working on a project that will take up a lot more of my time, so some of my other projects will have to be put on the backburner.

This blog will continue to be what it always was — a personal “home” on the web that is literally a timeline of my life — but I will shelf the brand-new Patreon project and all of its side-projects. I will also stop writing for MMORPG.com (although that was more for fun, and because the staff is badass) and will see the frequency of my livestreams/videos dip some. I might be able to continue to co-host the Gamer Hangout podcast with Eboni, but I would be afraid that it would become one of those ‘casts that just slowly dies because both hosts become too busy. For that reason I will scrap it.

It’s all for the better in the end, and will be an exciting new chapter of my life.

Thanks to all of those who donated and who have always been supportive. I’ll see you online! If/when many of these standard projects kick back up, I will announce it to all.


Splendor release on mobile, proves to be sharp!

Days of Wonder Online has recently released Splendor, a digital import of the popular boardgame that was first published in 2014. The boardgame won several awards including the 2014 Golden Geek “Board Game and Family Game of the Year” from Board Game Geek and nabbed noms for many others.

Players act as merchants who buy gems and shops and eventually try to rack up the most points of “prestige.” One player can “reserve” a card to make sure that another player does not get it, which encourages strategic play. It’s very simple but quickly offers more depth. It’s a sluggish game at first but I enjoyed the layout and simplicity, and the tutorial was great.

As a design side note: I really liked how the tutorial indicated items by adding a gem-like sparkle to them, instead of circling them with an eye-blinding icon or arrow.

The game offers local pass and play, but not true multiplayer, yet. (It’s coming.) It’s a very polished game with a nice tutorial that can replayed at any time, and it also works nicely across devices of different sizes. I actually enjoyed it most on my older 8-inch Android tablet!

You can check it out now across most devices, right here.


Echo of Soul already added its first content update!

I enjoyed Echo of Soul when I played it before (see the video below) but wow — I didn’t expect the publisher to be pushing content out already. Check out the first hour of gameplay in the video. From the press release:

Echo of Soul, the engrossing fantasy MMO from Aeria Games, has just launched its first major content update, featuring a massive amount of new endgame content – including the game’s very first raid! The content update is now available and players can dive in immediately. A new trailer outlines all the great new content, and is available on YouTube.

The brand-new raid pits 10 players against the colossal Dryad, challenging them with rapidly shifting AoE damage zones, constant threats from the Dryad’s tangled network of roots, and periodic assaults from minions wielding the powers of the four seasons. Players can tackle the raid with 9 friends, or allow the game’s Smart Matching system to automatically build a balanced party. Smaller groups will love the two new party dungeons, The Sanctuary and The Blazing Peak – Echo of Soul’s most challenging (and rewarding) dungeons yet.

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The Elder Scrolls Online for only $15.00? Not bad!

Screenshot (1074)

It looks like Greenman Gaming has listed The Elder Scrolls Online for only $15.00 …it’s normally 60 bucks. I am not sure how long this special lasts, so if you haven’t grabbed the game, now might be a good time to get it.

I didn’t enjoy it all when I played it in beta, but things have supposedly gotten much, much better since then. I might even grab it!

Check it out here.