Rikoo Rakoo dies on Nov 18th, 2008.

He was a good Raki, and I knew him well.

I recieved word about his death earlier today. I decided to get to writing this letter immediately, being that his business had several clients left that still needed answers. To those that he let down: I apologize on his behalf.

The last thing Rikoo would have done is quit on you before it was done. I will try my hardest to further his research, and at the very least will be refunding your deposit for the case/s. These things move fast, and hopefully I will find out soon if he left anything behind, if at all. he was a rich Raki at a few points in his short life, but mostly due to gifts. And he liked to pour his gold into a stein more often than not.

I will update everyone with news as soon as I hear from his family’s servant, as well as his cousin. Word has it that he was slightly involved with a Raki bar maiden in Khal, but I have yet to search after her. If anyone has known her, please pass on the news.

I am now going to go to his house and see what I can find. Hopefully there will be a will or last word, and we can sort out any legal issues quickly. He loved gold, but hated keeping track of it.

For now, I am to answer for his name,



Author: Beau Hindman

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