Please, just start your Darkfall bitching now please, and save the feed room for later.

A quick note, since I am in “real life” mode lately and have not been able to do much blogging/podcasting:

Start whining NOW.

Just get it over with, you sad bloggers/podcasters that have a blog filled with nothing but criticism, hate, and over-examination.

We all know that you will HATE it, that there is no way possible that the game will live up to your nerd dreams of perfection. We all know that you just live on those feelings you had when you first logged into your first game, those feelings of discovery and wonder.

Of course, you blame the game for your obsessive collection of anything Darkfall, and you will blame the game for not fitting perfectly into your dreams. Many of you will continue on with your “The developers must listen to me, for MY ideas are the best!” sad path, as though your blog, the one with 132 readers, is somehow going to be THE ONE.

And to those that think you are holding game companies “to task”: no, you are not. All you are doing is bitching about VIDEO GAMES.

Oh, and just use the word “bored” a shit-ton right now, so that it will get used up and destroyed, since later you will write non-stop blogs and host non-stop podcasts about how you are SO it, without realizing that the action of bitching about it is actually what excites you.

Someday, maybe, you will realize that the MMO industry is one of the most varied and exciting forms of entertainment around. Also,the industry is pushing the use of new technologies, and new ideas in social networking.

But blogs/podcasts/attitudes like yours are only annoying. They do not make developers do anything one way or another.

You DO know why some developers contact you/speak to you/send you free shit? Because they know that if they can get some whiner to say “Wow, NOW I am excited for the game!’ then they have the best advertising they could hope for: word of mouth starting from some dude or lady that spent his/her earlier days doing nothing but WHINING about the game.

You don’t even know that, do you? Oh man, did you really think that they are just really impressed with YOUR version of  “Why this game might SUXXORS” or with your “Since I have thought about designing a game, and once worked on a game, I am an expert on their particular game/game studio”?

But keep it up, please. I want to hear on your podcast about how bored you are. I want to read about how the game makes you go “Meh.” (For the love of Dog please stop using that term. Just make up YOUR OWN.)  I want to go check my feed reader, just to have it filled with the same 18 of you copying and pasting the same article in which the developer said something that made you snicker. As though your ass gave a perfect interview once in your life.

Me? I’ll be exploring, playing, and not concentrating on the 15 bad little things (“…my armor graphic is rendering all weird!!” ) that you allowed to take away from the ENTIRE VIRTUAL WORLD THAT THE DEVELOPERS WORKED FOR YEARS ON.

But forget those beautiful hills, the woods. Don’t worry about those incredible sunsets or the cool house you can have. After all, that’s just fluffy shit, right? If it were up to you, you’d rather have boxes and math arrows, all controlled from your air-conditioned bitch throne.

Please, just post it now and get it over with. Hell, some of you are already griping about screen shots and potential release. Just go for it. Shit, make it up. Coming from you, it all sounds the same. Dog forbid you actually write an article with an opinion other than a gripe that 20 other people are posting. Dog forbid that you write some fiction about the game, or post a “Man, I had so much FUN in game last night..” type article. Dog forbid that you realize that all you do is point out errors in VIDEO GAMES.

Do this: explain it to your parents. Go ahead. Call them, and say “Mom and Dad, for a hobby (cause we all know none of you are getting paid for that shit) all I do is point out little flaws in games. That’s right, video games. Yes, Mom, just like that Nintendo game I had, but with more people. Yes, Mom, little mistakes or errors. Oh! OR I just gripe about the games, although it runs good and looks good, because it doesn’t fit into MY idea of fun. Yes, Mom, I could just go play something else.”

Your parents, in their “Can you show me how to work this remote?” innocence will make it sound like you are pointing out the blemishes on a baby. And you are.

Whiney shits. Stay outta’ my feeds.

Beau Turkey

PS: Yes, bitching about bitching. Get over it. Notice the blog is not filled with non-stop griping, so I am allowed my 1 for your 453.

Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.

11 thoughts on “Please, just start your Darkfall bitching now please, and save the feed room for later.”

  1. methinks RL issues are hammering the spouse aggro team! You should join the CoW LoTRO group for a casual good time : )

  2. Well, right you are Beau.
    People will always dream about more, better, nicer and that´s okay. It helps to create new and “better” things.

    Problem with most people on forums and blogs is, they still do seem to believe in the old misconception of “Peace through superior volumepower.”

    By raising as much a ruckus as they can, they think they get as much attention as their little minds and overblown egos must get. Well, they get as much as they deserve anyway. Which is in no way enough for what they need. 😉

    But of course a perfect game would have to fit everyone.
    It´s only because of the imperfection of people, that they can not, for everyone likes different. And wouldn´t it be boring if everyone and everything was the same?
    They had noting to rant about and we had noting to laugh or be angry about. 😉


  3. Wow, nice. Totally agree. It actually encompasses one of the reasons I started blogging a lot more clearly that I ever did. I hope that you will forgive me for quoting myself, but this is from the first post in my blog that almost no-one reads:

    “I’ve been playing since the days of MUDs too. However, unlike some vets, I feel privileged to be living in the time that I am. Those of us that are currently into virtual worlds are experiencing something that is well and truly new, as it emerges. We stand on the edge of a wave that has yet to crest.”

  4. I agree with you Beau. Too many people just want to sit around talking about how this game will fail or how that game isn’t a wow killer. People just can’t get over the fact that sometimes a company makes a mmorpg not to be a wow killer, but to just make a game they think will be fun. So you have all these bias fan boys running in ranting and raving about how imperfect it is going to be.

    People seem to neglect the fact that wow did not have a perfect launch, that if they truly want a game to strive and become something good it takes people who are willing to rough it out and help support the company to make a solid good mmorpg.

    Sadly what I think it is, is people who played wow to long and they picked up bad habits from the pre teen kids and now have a wow mentallity. people will say I am wrong and that the people ranting and raving and being a-holes in the game are young. However I have known many people on ventrilo who were well over 30 still acting like that. It is wow mentallity and many adults now have it and carry it with them into other games.

    In the end it is not the game company that ruins the game, it is all these people who want to do nothing more then sit around bitching and moaning about the game chasing off people who would most likely love the game but they see these 40 year old men acting like 13 year old kids with their dooms day post, and hate blogs and get turned off. That right there is what hinders mmorpg companies.

  5. Kick some ass Beau!!

    It’s quite sad that theres a truck ton of MMORPG’s out there and alot of the people that say their some MMORPG lover/expert. Can never find one they actually like.

    Times change… so does technology. If you don’t like where mmo’s are going… shut up and don’t play them. It’s all about finding something you like.. and enjoying it. Life is to damn short to be crying about Video games.

    Plus..I’ll continue to play my so called P.O.S game Vanguard (what most haters of it would say anyways).. and love every damn minute of it. Cause i found something I’m happy with.. and no it’s not perfect (NOTHING IS) and YES! i want a cookie.

  6. How weird, I just made a blog about how MMOs attract the most WHINING of any game market / community.

    Gamers need to basically just go have fun and bloggers need to stop being so damn snarky – it’s not *hip*, it never was.

  7. Bravo on absolutely wonderful and highly accurate post Beau.

    One of my main reasons I rarely visit a games’ forums is due to the endless stream of Nerf/Buff a certain weapon/power/class or the wonderfully original Unless X,Y & Z is fixed I’m leaving the game.

    And I’m sure nearly every one of those “blogs'” readers are of a similar persuasion, wanting to read more negative thoughts on the games. Look out for the “I hate game X webring” coming soon!

  8. For the love of god. Stop using the word dog to replace the word god.

    You’re bound to offend dog lovers everywhere.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

  9. *Snickers a little*

    Seems your most-commented post is this bitch-fest about all the bitch-festers. Are you doing a social experiment on your readers?

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