Interesting Game of the Week: Taikodom

I love searching for little gems of the MMO world, and I find so many that I wanted to start telling everyone else about them!I want to post a lil blurb about new games I come across, in the hopes that other players try them out and add to the discussion!

I frequent so many sites and get a lot of tips from friends as to what games look good, or what to try. This week I stumbled across a game called “Taikodom.” Essentially, it is reminding me of EVE/Jumpgate, complete with dogfights, avatars (walking around in apts/stations will be featured soon, according to dev’s) missions and skills.

It looks great, is a tiny download and something about having the tutorial voice-over in a foriegn language soothes me. Check out some of the screenies below:






Mining is done simply by destroying asteroids and looting them. The skills look numerous, and the ships are plenty. I will have to give a better review after some more of the game is implemented, but in the meanwhile it’s a great cash shop/free game to try!

Give it a whirl at

Beau Turkey

15 thoughts on “Interesting Game of the Week: Taikodom”

  1. You are a cornucopia of never heard of mmos. 😀 The screenshot of the character reminds me of Tabula Rasa which is good, it would be awesome if they can implement 3D avatars in the world before EVE does.

  2. Been playing for awhile now, you’re the first blogger I’ve ever seen mention it. Well, I should say I’ve been trying to play… there’s a few bugs that hit me every single time these days so I haven’t actually been able to play. I hear they’re putting in a US server cluster though to help with lag for US players. Maybe it’s already online? No idea, all I can do is login. Once I leave a station, the dual-cursor bug nails me and I have a heck of a time aiming and my ship gets blown to space dust. /frown

    I will say that one of the reasons I stopped playing games like Wing Commander and Freelancer back in the day is the totally unrealistic “circle jerk” combat where everyone just flies in a tight furball circle. That gets old fast. Maybe it’s different in a group (fleet? squadron? heh) scenario, but if Jumpgate Evolution is also nothing but a big circle jerk then I’ll pass on that one too.

  3. Alas, it loads to 70% and then stops and disconnects me… Bit of a bugger, guess I’ll wait for a patch.

  4. Update: It seems that Taikodom runs fine in XP compatability mode (windows 7 beta). I’m going in.. I’ll try not to become an overly cocky kid.

  5. I tried to download and play this game but it tells me that the english version of the game is under development. How did you by pass that little problem?

    1. No, I think that just means that you might see some translation errors or some missing text, which you will. But it’s still very playable in it’s state, and looks great, too. Go for it!


  6. For some reason it would not let me log in with my account until I went into my account and set my location from US to Brazil. Either way I got in and got to play, it is a addicting little game so far.

    I don’t think I will buy Jumpgate anymore, no reason too since this game to me looks exactly like Jumpgate, still I don’t think it can keep me away from Black Prophecy

    Oh I got a little MMO for you to try. It is suppose to be a “horror” MMO so it has blood and it is a little on the gothic side. However it is free to play and it is called Requiem. I have found it rather fun to play.

  7. I would say if you enjoy the early levels it is worth a deeper look. If not then chance is you wont like it later on in the levels.

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