Interesting Game of the Week: Taikodom

I love searching for little gems of the MMO world, and I find so many that I wanted to start telling everyone else about them!I want to post a lil blurb about new games I come across, in the hopes that other players try them out and add to the discussion!

I frequent so many sites and get a lot of tips from friends as to what games look good, or what to try. This week I stumbled across a game called “Taikodom.” Essentially, it is reminding me of EVE/Jumpgate, complete with dogfights, avatars (walking around in apts/stations will be featured soon, according to dev’s) missions and skills.

It looks great, is a tiny download and something about having the tutorial voice-over in a foriegn language soothes me. Check out some of the screenies below:






Mining is done simply by destroying asteroids and looting them. The skills look numerous, and the ships are plenty. I will have to give a better review after some more of the game is implemented, but in the meanwhile it’s a great cash shop/free game to try!

Give it a whirl at

Beau Turkey