Spouse Aggro #85: The Second Skin review.

Spouse Aggro #85/23
Tue, 11 Aug 2009 23:42:00 GMT [download/play]


Me and Leala review the new documentary called “Second Skin,” which basically talks about crazy weird nerds and their obsession for games.

By review I mean that Leala talks over Beau and crushes him with her points. Beau eats chocolate the entire time. Enjoy, and let us know what you think of the movie!

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9 thoughts on “Spouse Aggro #85: The Second Skin review.”

  1. About the guy killing himself over EQ. I thought I read that he met a “Girl” in the game. After a so long he asked her to marry him in the game and she said no, not sure if this is just made up or not tho.

  2. ETA: Millions of people get their proposals turned down every day. They don’t go out and kill themselves immediately afterward. Which was the point of Leah’s rant — blaming -a game- (or a girl’s rejection) for someone’s suicide completely misses the fact that the -majority- of people involved in games (or relationships) are -emotionally and mentally sound- and therefore do not go off killing themselves over either of those. There are complex, deep seated issues at work whenever someone kills themselves, and for the filmmakers to just accept the rationale that ‘it was the game!’ was blatantly irresponsible.

  3. I watched it. I thought it was really good. That negative stuff was one small part of the entire movie. There were a lot of positive relationships (friendships and romantic). There are all types of people but I would rather focus on the friends that take me to drink cheap beer at a festival before I get married – those are the people who count!

  4. I haven’t listened to this podcast yet but it should be mentioned that the individual that killed himself with EQ still running was very very disturbed and had some mental problems he was under treatment for. From what I saw on a news documentary about this situation, this individual should have been under the care of his mother, a managed care facility or perhaps a group home.

    His name is Shawn Woolley. He did have his own wiki entry but it looks like it has been removed and a lot comes up if you google his name. I think the saddest part of all this is his mother blames video games and EQ and has started an organization that believes pretty much all video game play is addiction and its bad. You oughta go check out the website boards to see some crazy crazy talk.

    Everything I have ever seen about this kid points to him being what some would call “high functioning”. For those that dont know what that means, that tends to mean someone that just should not be living alone as he was. Usually these type of folks live in a care facility or group home. They don’t live alone with no one watching out for them.

    Honestly the mother did not do what was right for her son who was incapable of managing his own life properly and its her fault this happened. She just doesn’t have the courage to put the blame where it belongs and that is squarely with her for letting her son live alone with no one watching out for him. At any rate check the stuff out. Disturbing to watch an individual start an organization to try to take down video gaming altogether because her mentally handicapped son killed himself.

  5. It’s an old story. Someone sucks at being a parent, so they blame everything around them. Either it’s movies, comics, videogames, D&D, rock n’ roll… etc etc. All of that blame just misses the point.

  6. Fantastic show guys! I used to listen but stopped, how silly of me.
    Now a proud fan again, you two are a joy to listen to.
    RIP epic dolls, long live Spouse Aggro!

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