Spouse Aggro #88: Innovations, and Toast.

Spouse Aggro #88/26: “Innovations and Toast.”
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This week we talk for the duration of time it takes for the toast to settle in our tum-tums to talk about innovation, and I’m using Free Realms specifically to talk about a product and company that is innovative.

Many players seem to think that Free Realms is nothing new, because it is doing what a lot of MMO’s actually already are doing, meaning locking people into instances to run around a mini-game. But, I am talking about delivery and style.

If players underestimate delivery and style, then they need to re-define what success means.

My wrists hurt, please listen.

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5 thoughts on “Spouse Aggro #88: Innovations, and Toast.”

  1. People who hate ‘kill quests’, who scoff at ‘lore’ or ‘RP’ and gripe about every new MMO having certain similar genre elements probably are closet-MMO haters. They don’t like the genre but haven’t realized it yet. =P

    Instead of going and playing other games, they complain when MMOs aren’t changing to suit -them-. Why so many of these people exist in MMO fandom, I just don’t understand.

  2. First off, thanks for the shout out!

    You guys touched on something that’s always irked me a little bit on MMORPG discussion boards, people who are “so sick” of some of the staples of the genre. *Thank you* for calling those people out. Whenever people claim to hate questing or PvE or experience progression, it really makes me wonder why they bother playing MMOs anymore. There’s lots of games out there that can satisfy their urge to break away from these traits, yet they’d rather hang out and try to tear down any game that features them.

    Maybe one day we’ll innovate and expand to the point where there’s the perfect game for ever sect of player but until then I hope we can all focus the most on having fun, not secretly despising what we’re supposed to be a fan of. Spot on Beau and Leala, and spot on Pai too.

  3. First, Champions Online has way to much brightness. My guy has a lot of pure white color and its like looking at the sun. I like the game because its not the usual combat and stuff. I don’t plan on subbing after the 30days free, but at least I could always go back if I hear something exciting has changed.

    Second, I like kill quests and grinding(If done in moderation). A lot of times when I hop into some type of voice chat, I just kill things because i’m so focused on the chat it confuses me to do quests.

    Last, The MMO community seems to be made up of people who play and people who complain. I see so much complaining anymore, I don’t see a reason. If you don’t like it just stop. MMORPGs seem to becoming less and less social. I like solo content and stuff, but they seem to try to make it so you never have to interact with anyone.

  4. So this episode is about innovation in MMOs and then you proceed to knock Champions without mentioning the rather innovative Nemesis system? I hate to say “give it time” cause if a game isn’t fun then just don’t play it. But, really, get to 25.

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