A bit of news for Spellborn lovers!

A pretty small tid-bit, but it is something. This is from the official forums:

Hello Players,

Here is an update regarding Spellborn from our CEO.

The rumors are true! Spellborn Version Two is on the way. The developer has released the new version in Japan, and based on the success of that launch and the fine tuning of the game, we will keep you informed as to when we shall launch the English version of the game. When we do, we will be inviting registered players of the old version, who have valid email addresses on file, to become our beta players. In the meantime, why not check out some of our other great free games at www.acclaim.com? Hope to see you ingame! — Howard Marks, CEO of Acclaim Games, Inc.

Acclaim Staff

I believe that the Japanese version is the same as the one we can play now, save for the addition of a cash shop. One player noted that from what he could tell, the cash shop items were pretty run-of-the-mill stuff. There were, however, certain armors for sale that were in the Japanese version that actually gave some stats. This has not been confirmed and frankly I don’t care if they sold a card of God-Mode. I just want the game to go on, to be updated and to be alive.

Spellborn was one of those games that I literally dreamed of, falling in love with it’s art-style and atmosphere. When it started to have issues I wondered if it would be able to survive. While it has been completely free in it’s current condition, it does need some help. Looks like we might get it!

It;s just so odd to see such a great game falter in the way that I did, and I wonder why it did. Some think it was because the game was too linear, and others think that the simplicity of the quests did it in. In all truth I think it was the fact that the game was a little too unique for it’s own good. There is also something to the theory that most players don’t like the choice to look how they want, and would rather look silly in armor that is known to be powerful rather than to look how they want because armor stats meant nothing.

Oh well, we’ll see. I certainly don’t want the hard work of the original developer team to disappear. Maybe finding the right payment model (cash shop based) will be just what the game needs. I am a huge fan of the cash shop, so this is good news to me. I am also a fan of sticking it to players that somehow think that cash shop items should not have some effect on the game world or on combat. The cries of “real life financial advantage” have been bogus since subscriptions were ever included in the list of things that are needed to play. If selling gear in the cash shop scares off those type of forum whiners, good by me.

I just wish the game didn’t have to go through all this before it got to this point.


Author: Beau Hindman

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2 thoughts on “A bit of news for Spellborn lovers!”

  1. I agree with you, I just want the game to be alive and working correctly. The concept and the unique aspects of the game really had me intrigued. It does need fixing as last time I played lots of the skills were not working as they should for some professions.

    While I am not really a fan of cash shop items providing a big in-game bonus, I have no problems with having a cash shop.
    I just think they should keep the armor as it was and vary the loot types and tables. I was interesting in augmenting my armor more than the look of it but items that were of any meaning to me never seemed attainable.
    Lets hope they get this together and soon. I want to play it again.

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