10 thoughts on “My new EQ2 mount was worth 25 dollars.”

  1. I have no issue with mounts on the EQ2 item mall. I’ll be surprised if there are many takers at $25, but if people feel they have no better use for their money then that’s their decision.

    My issue is withthat mount. Ye gods it’s ugly. What is it? Looks like cross between a bull mastiff and a scottish wildcat that’s been force-fed steroids for a year. I can’t imagine wanting to ride that in preference to either my lovely, friendly bear or the marvelous cloud mount fom the easy Kingdom of Sky questline.

    What with this thing and Sparklepony from WoW, which I also think is just horrible to look at, my main problem with this trend is the aesthetic failure. Surely for $25 they could come up with something more appealing than this?

  2. Mounts can’t swim in EQ2 huh? Odd transition with it just disappearing and appearing like that, one would figure $25 would buy you a swimming animation 🙂

    1. Yeh they go POP and then POP back on. I’ve never owned one, after years of EQ2, so I thought I would test it. This one stays on you like a buff, and always pops under ya. You have to manually take the buff off to get rid of it.

  3. How have you never owned a mount? They give them out like candy! Every character I ever make automatically gets the bear, for a start. It’s just there in /claim. Still my favorite, especially when it’s little and follows you about.

    On Test we now also get the big-bottomed cat from Sundered Frontier automatically too, for some unexplained reason. And of course if you play a pally or an SK you get the horse with the job.

    Did you know you can put all mounts (or all animal mounts anyway – not sure about the cloud or the carpet) in your house as house objects? You can make a fantastic stable – there are loads of house items for it, bales of straw and hitching posts and so on.

    Oh, and it’s the idea that they thought it was appealing that disturbs me – that was my point!

  4. Looks like a really nice mount. Tho for some reason a kerra (Tiger Skinned) riding a tiger skin mount wouldn’t go to well. All my toons are Kerran. In most games I like to stick to the Average horse or in EQ2s case the Rhino.

    I’m wondering what other types of mounts they will bring to the Station Store. 25$ is more than I would expect but at the same time that 25$ could be bringing a lot more fun time then it could in real life.

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