A quick note about SWTOR’s lack of gay possibilities (UPDATED)

Before I say anything, watch this video at 2:49…

OK, got it? She basically asks if there will be same-sex options for relationships in SWTOR. Now, it’s no secret that I was not impressed with what I saw of SWTOR at E3…except for one thing: the story interactions and social options. The combat and missions? Same old, same old. But when it comes to building a character or taking them through an interesting story arc, SWTOR will be (as I said before) epic.

Here’s the problem with not allowing same-sex options in this game…this is a game that offers, very specifically, character building and relationships as a mechanic. The game is not being talked about because of the stellar combat or amazingly refreshing innovations with skill trees. This is World of Warcraft set in a Star Wars universe, with the options to build a character and relationships with other characters. Bioware is known for this.

Also, the most shocking thing about not allowing same-sex options in this game has nothing to do with sexual politics, it has to do with the fact that the game is set in a universe in which aliens roam freely. This is a universe in which giant slugs can speak to us, and we can use a magical force called, well, the Force. Think for a second: how do half of those aliens screw? WE HAVE NO IDEA. For all we know, Star Wars can be a galaxy far, far away that is filled with super duper gay beings. SUPER DUPER GAY.

Do the developers really mean to tell me that Greedo never had some sort of alien sex that could be taken as homosexual sex? For all we know (well, OK, Star Wars geeks would know this) Greedo and his same-sex cousins get together twice a year to make out…after all, THEY ARE ALIENS. Yet, in this universe filled with all of these possibilities…GAY PEOPLE DO NOT EXIST.

Now, now, I could be completely wrong. Perhaps there are gay characters in the game. I don’t know, I only experienced it for about 15 minutes and that was in the very limited setting of a chaotic E3 booth. The point is that Bioware, Lucas, or the person who is to blame for this stupid decision are saying, perfectly clearly “GAY PEOPLE, YOU CANNOT EXIST IN OUR UNIVERSE OF ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. YOU’RE LIKE, EWW…GROSS. NOW LET US GET BACK TO ADDING RAT-TAILS TO ALL OF OUR JEDI.” For me, this is not offensive because I am a sensitive liberal type who feels that every possible configuration of human being should be represented by the game (although that would be great.) This is offensive because it flies in the face of the exact systems they are building. They are selling the game on the fact that you can MAKE CHOICES. Except, of course, to make out with your same-sex friend. And let’s be honest and say that it’s not like there will be hardcore sex in the game, at all. At the most there will be some kissing and hugging. And yet, even that is too dangerous to allow two people of the same sex to do.

Of course, all things can change. At this point, though, the hype about SWTOR is getting ridiculous. It’s not doing much along the lines of new, exciting things. It has standard class-based play. It will probably have a standard box fee and subscription. Yet the one system the game is offering that sounds truly cool or unique actually steps backwards in development. It’s just goofy.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves, please. If this was a game set in any other universe, people would not be shitting their pants as soon as they hear a word about it. And now, it seems as though they have made some sort of politically-based decision that literally deducts a certain type of person from the universe.

More research is needed, and I will keep an eye on it. Hell, I hear about the game 500 times a day…so I’m sure that in some way I missed something. If I did, let me know.

Rant over.


EDIT: Here is a video from GBTV’s Jasmine in which she is talking about playing SWTOR at E3. If you go to around 3:00, you will see me and Leala playing in the background. Leala sat and controlled it mainly while I pressed heals, helped decide where to go, etc. We played like this for about 15 or 20 minutes.

EDIT EDIT: I had to update this blog with the best Twitter conversation I had earlier…it showed just how awesomely odd the internet is.


This is a perfect example of how fanboyism warps reality.

This guy on Twitter is claiming that, because he is in testing (and under NDA I should note) that the Hero Engine people are saying that if there was homosexual interactions in the game, they would pull the engine. This was over twitter, and just too funny to not share:

My initial Tweet: By the way, the ESRB is not enforcing the “no gays” in SWTOR. They allow it in games like the SIms 3. That’s a stupid excuse.

(His first tweet to me) @Beau_Hindman but not their graphics engine. That company won’t allow it

@Ike_Farmer I can’t see what you’re responding to, you mean that they won’t allow it because of SWTORs engine?

@Beau_Hindman correct. The company that made the engine will pull the engine from biowares hands. Thus destroying swtor completely

@Ike_Farmer Hero Engine? hehe I met the head dude from there, not sure he would pull the engine cuz boys can kiss boys.

@Beau_Hindman it’s a clause in the contract. The HEad dude doesn’t write the contracts.

@Ike_Farmer I think you’re reaching. Faxion was the first MMO to use the engine, and they featured Heaven, Hell, sins, etc.

@Beau_Hindman i’m not reaching. lol. Being in testing allows us certain information.

@Beau_Hindman regardless, if people make such a big deal about the smallest of issues, then they shouldn’t play the game.

(I had to retweet the guy telling me this over Twitter, along with my comment at the end.) RT @Ike_Farmer: @Beau_Hindman i’m not reaching. lol. Being in testing allows us certain information. (Are you seriously saying this? lol)

@Ike_Farmer Dude, you did not see the contract between the SWTOR devs and Hero Engine. AND you just broke the NDA.

@Beau_Hindman lol you think I give a shit?

(What does he mean by “SGRAs”?) @Beau_Hindman do some research. It’s on the webz. Why would bioware put SGRAs in ME3 and not swtor? Probably because it’s out of their hands

@Ike_Farmer So now you’re saying “probably”? Did you or not see the contract or clause? Don’t tell me…you just “heard” it?

@Beau_Hindman deaf to sarcasm? lmao. Do the damn research son.

@Ike_Farmer So hang on a second…you claimed you KNEW this info, from testing. Now, you were being “sarcastic”?

@Beau_Hindman not specifically from testing. Testing opened the door. Man are you always so literal? Get a clue. Do research. PEACE

@Ike_Farmer Wow, you sure changed your story quick. lol

@Beau_Hindman when did I change my story dude? I don’t recall.

@Ike_Farmer You’re odd. lol

@Beau_Hindman lol you’re the one making the assumption that I “changed” my story. My “story” was consistent through and through.

@Beau_Hindman anyway i’m done arguing about the SMALLEST feature of the game. Take it easy. PEACE

@Ike_Farmer You already said that.


Annnddd scene. What an oddball.





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9 thoughts on “A quick note about SWTOR’s lack of gay possibilities (UPDATED)”

  1. Fun fact, Beau…

    Not only are we not doing Gender checks for the marriage system in Emerald Kingdom. We’re leaning very strongly on allowing polygamy (also sans gender checks) in some way. Because, at the end of the day…relationships in multiplayer games should be about the player’s comfort with what’s normal. Not necessarily what everyone thinks we should impose.

    Just sayin’ We had a design meeting recently where this topic was brought up.

    1. Ah, interesting. Again I want to stress that I don’t think they should HAVE to include any certain person in their game, but the problem is that they have built a universe in which endless possibilities exist. They’re the ones who did it, you knowwhudimean?

      Thanks for the input!


      1. Indeed. I think that’s a solid point…if the game is not taking place on planet earth, or even this universe… why strictly conform to what one would consider earthly social values? We can use the magic and bullshit rule to explain why lightsabers work…but we cant extend that to the societal norms?

        Why not take a leap, and go the extra mile. As Bartle said: we’re gods of our newly created reality…we define the physics, the world. If you’re unwilling to take up the mantle of god hood to the fullest, perhaps you should reconsider taking it up at all. If more people took their god hood seriously, perhaps the MMO market would not be flooded with piles of crap everywhere.

  2. Why so much hate Beau? Hate leads to the Dark Side.

    This rant of yours is quite silly, because BioWare has shown in the past that they are very progressive when it comes to equal sexual rights having had it in previous games. So any shots you are taking at BioWare are misplaced.

    It is possible that someone at Lucas Arts is behind this, as EA has allowed it before in BioWare games, so why would they suddenly change on this? So perhaps Lucas Arts is behind this, and if so, why don’t you direct your rage at them? Or at least try to get the real answer from them.

    But if you look at the game, there are many alien companions you cannot have relations with. Does this mean that they are against romance between species? How dare they be against that! If I want to love a dog, horse, or goat, that should be my right! Damn you Lucas Arts for being against my love of animals! (Sounds a little ridiculous)

    I’d also like to point out that this constant hatred for anything popular is really a turn off for many who read Massively. Massively has become known as the hater’s of anything popular. SWTOR is going to be huge and popular because it’s a mix of WoW, Mass Effect, and KoTOR. Setting WoW in the Star Wars Universe with reasons to re-roll a character is going to be quite popular. So stop hating on the popular kid in school.

    1. Sythe: I’m not sure you read my blog. I said this: “The point is that Bioware, Lucas, or the person who is to blame for this stupid decision..” so where am I blaming Bioware specifically for this decision? Like you, I am leaving it open to a guess. Also, you seem to think that I do not know that Bioware has allowed “other” types of relationships in their games, something I already said (but you seemed to have missed) “…. with the options to build a character and relationships with other characters. Bioware is known for this.”

      I know you probably skimmed it, but you should probably consider that I have covered my bases.

      As far as massively is concerned, leave that on Massively. This is my personal blog. I have no idea how you would say that the site has “become known”…as if you have performed a poll of some kind. You are basing that off of your opinion, and once again seem to be ignoring the obvious: that website features more columns about ONE game than almost any site I have read. IT HAS A SWTOR COLUMN. How is having a dozen or more columns dedicated to a single game hating on all things popular?


      Again, I’m not sure that you are reading any of it.


      1. I did read it, but repeated it, since there was so much rage about this.

        Jason at Channel Massive actually nailed this, it is all about the ESRB, as some Googling showed the problems they had with them over their past games. So the ESRB is to blame for the lack of same sex relations.

        As for Massively, I just know you have been there for a long time, and just about every Massively column I’ve read about SWTOR that is opinion based, not news, shows dislike for SWTOR.

        And I’m just going from your past opinions on MMO’s.

        1. So you meant to say “Massively is known for hating SWTOR.”

          OK, so what does that have to do with me? Again, leave me out of that. I do not hide my dislike for what I have seen so far, but I’m not writing about it constantly on that site. And if it IS the ESRB, that’s fine. Once again I left open the possibility that someone (I didn’t say who specifically, we covered this) was responsible, and that they were stupid. Do I hate everything that is popular? Again, I have no idea where you are getting this stuff from. Even if I hated the last 10 major releases, that would still leave literally scores of “AAA” games that I did like, not to mention the “AAA” foreign games that many readers would disqualify.


        2. EDIT: (as I said on Twitter:) By the way, the ESRB is not enforcing the “no gays” in SWTOR. They allow it in games like the SIms 3. That’s a stupid excuse.

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