My hunt for the toys of my youth

eBay really is evil. Not only can you actually make some money selling off your old shit, but you can take a walk down memory lane and possibly buy those memories back. Well, as a near 40 year old man, you might expect that my memory is going a bit. No, not because of my age but because my head is now filled up with so many details that I simply cannot remember it all. Oh, it’s IN THERE alright, as I have read all memories are… but it just takes the right image or sound or smell to bring em out.

Well, I was trying to remember all of the toys from my youth. I want to buy ’em back, except for the stupid ones like GI JOE. Anyway, here is a quick list. I am searching eBay, but if you have any information about them, let me know where I might score them. Thanks!

Robat: I loved this dude. A transforming robot. He came from a line called Converters. I LOVED him, but when I discovered girls I decided to have one last final war and finish them all off. I crushed this guy with pliers and put him in stasis, using glue and a box. I want to find him but he keeps escaping me!


Next I am looking at some Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. They are easy enough to find. I had the evil car with one rear wheel and the 4 wheeler from the good guys:

Honestly I don’t care much for the good guy car. Also, I stumbled across this great blog about Centaurs…I still have some of these toys but I did not remember having the castle thing UNTIL I read this guy’s blog. How odd. I completely forgot all about having it!

Anyway, those are just some of the toys I can think of now. I am searching for them, but will probably skip the Hyve. That sucker will cost an arm and a leg. Until then, I am scanning eBay for some of these, will buy when they are cheap enough. If you have seen any of these, let me know. I will be updating with more toys as I remember them. It’s such a strange feeling to stumble across memories like this!


Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.