Why Lucas is perfectly right in re-doing any of his films


Another release of yet another version of the Star Wars movies. Weee. I get to read non-stop complaints from fans who bought the thing as soon as possible, then decided that they hated it. Of course they forget to mention that this has happened 18,000 times in the past and each time they went out and did the same thing. They get mad at Lucas, say he’s ruining their childhood memories or “Why can’t he just leave them alone?” The more important question here is: why can’t those people just stop buying his shit? Yeh, yeh…I know…there are new, deleted or not-yet-seen scenes in these versions! If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some grainy footage of Han Solo flubbing a line and everyone giggles. Weee. The greatest thing is that they will be in perfectly crystal clear BluRAY! WHOA! Finally all of the poor sufferers who had to sit through anything less than super-duper HD will have a day to sit down and finally enjoy these movies. All of the 1,078 times they saw them before won’t count…they weren’t in fucking BLURAY. (wait, is it blue ray? Blue-ray? Whatever.)

The problem with the fans — really of any series or genre — is that they are simply addicted to the subject of their fandom. They will attempt to buy anything, read anything or view anything released by the company that owns the IP. They will collect the toys, hang up the posters or bid on items on Ebay. After all, they HAVE TO have those items. Many of them could not even tell you why they need them, and many of them do not realize that the real thrill of any new release of any new toy, poster or DVD set comes from buying something and nothing more. These fans are simply hooked on the fun of standing in lines, buying any piece of merchandise that they can afford, or collecting them all. It’s a simple thrill that effects us all.

When I was younger, my mother would talk about sometimes feeling the need to go window shopping. We had 7 kids in our family and needed to watch out budget. She would go to a store, would pick out something nice, read about it, maybe even set it in the cart and by the time she got to the check out stand she would decide to put it back and not feel bad about it at all. It wasn’t desperate or sad…it was a basic mental exercise. She knew that once she got home, the object would sit there or be used once or twice, but the money would never come back. We get a rush of positive chemicals in out brain when we shop, when we think about buying something, or when we dream over a future purchase. My mother was actually performing slight mental surgery on herself to save some cash. It was brilliant, and I still do it to this day. I think my purchases through (most of the time.)

What Star Wars fans need to do is to stop themselves from buying every thing that Lucas deems worthy of buying. For example, what exactly is the point of rushing out and buying the new BLURAY (ooohhh! Those Ewoks looks SO realistic!) as soon as it is released? We all know that the store will have other copies, even if at worst we would have to wait for another order to come in. So, why do fans do it?

Because shopping is fun. Being a loyal fan is fun.

Shopping is also stupid if all you are going to do is whine about the product afterwards. Stop buying this type of stuff as soon as it comes out, fans. While you’re at it:

Stop watching every crappy movie possible just because it is a remake of something from your youth (Clash of Titans…etc)

Stop buying every re-release of your favorite movie, or at least give it some time and see if it at least SOUNDS like you might be getting something new

Stop waiting around for that biggest and best game. After all, you have only seen screenshots. Stop waiting for their shit to be released.

People might wonder how the nerd “culture” has made so much money. It’s obvious to me: nerds simply obey. They must buy the latest and greatest nerd items. They must have that game, movie or device. They become bored of the old ones, and need new ones… even if they have 10 versions of the item already. The more nerd “culture” makes it OK for people like Lucas to re-re-re-re-re-release the same 6 fairy-tale movies (and they were fairy tales) he has done, THE MORE HE WILL RELEASE THEM. And the more he will add new effects, different endings, bonus features…

…can you blame him? According to his pocketbook, the fans LOVE it when he changes shit.







Author: Beau Hindman

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2 thoughts on “Why Lucas is perfectly right in re-doing any of his films”

  1. *froths at the mouth*

    I’m actually on the other side of this debate – Star Wars is integral to our Western popular culture and should be saved and preserved from Lucas’ tinkering. A blu-ray release of Star Wars is a pretty big thing, just like the DVD-release; sadly, we got yet another altered version. But yeah, I’ve refrained from buying it. So far. 😀

    Star Wars-fans do spend as much time hating George Lucas as they do loving Star Wars. I should know, I’m one of them.

    1. Well, they are being preserved. There are millions and millions of every version still in the world. Some of them have never been opened. There is no danger of Lucas erasing the “original” version from the history of the planet.

      Anyway, they are his movies. If he changes them (for whatever reason) then the rest IS erased, as far as the lore is concerned. He is the God of Star Wars. If he wants to alter his creations, it is not only his right but it is the right of any artist to alter their work over time. Is it always a good decision to change an original piece? Not always. Is it smart? Obviously it is…people keep buying it.

      I don’t care if he wanted to change the original movies to include CGI unicorns instead of Taun-Tauns… he’s the one who made up taun-tauns! lol


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