My charity 24 hours of gaming game list

Here is the list of games that I will be playing for 24 hours straight, for charity on October 15th. (Starts at 8 AM Central Time, USA.) In case you didn’t know, Extra Life started this marathon to raise money for Children’ Miracle network years ago. This will be our 4th year to participate. If you would like to donate, please please do! Anyway, instead of trying to cram in 24 games ┬álike I do every year, I decided to do fewer games so I can have the freedom to play more of what I want. It’s important to note that I will be playing games that are generally easy to stream. I will be streaming the desktop the entire time, for one massive unbroken stream. (No jokes please.) Here is the main list I will go for: (in no particular order for now.)

1) Glitch

2) Runescape

3) Milmo

4) Puzzle Pirates

5) Lord of the Rings Online

6) Spiral Knights

7) Ryzom

8 ) A Mystical Land

9) Earth Eternal

10) Gunshine

11) Illyriad

12) Vanguard

Of course, this is subject to change. I will also have a TON of back-up games to run just in case. I might even take “requests” simply because I have so many games to choose from. Let me know in the comments if there is something you would like to see stream. This will all be on Massively’s Livestream channel, so keep an eye out there!

See ya, and be sure to donate!



Author: Beau Hindman

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