Attempting to make an MMO chore list…

I noticed that the best work I do is when I am very organized. When I use a calendar and keep track of what I am doing, I make less mistakes and do better work. I have to play games, a lot of games, in order to do my job correctly.  I have a “shtick” an that is I am the every game out there guy. I know about each and every MMO under the sun and keep track of the news, updates and fresh patches.

Of course, I cannot possibly keep up with everything, but I do find myself obsessing over knowing at least about all games. I don’t know why…some people are foodies and travel around the world discovering weird stuff to eat; I find out about tiny unknown MMOs. I leave the big games to everyone else, after all everyone else is going to write about the newest loudest and most expensive MMOs that will be out soon. That’s fine, but I get only a real thrill out of weird tiny games. If I find out about some odd browser based game that looks cool, I get way more excited than I ever have over any downloadable “AAA” (whatever the hell that means beyond big budget) MMO.

Anyway, I have organized my writing into timed events, so why not my game playing? Now, I have tried this before but went crazy with it. Instead of dedicating a day to a certain game, I will make a list of games that I might log in to for minutes at a time. I might jump into Glitch to check my garden, RuneScape to do a quick quest, or Miramagia to pull some weeds. I love that kind of organization. Then I will be playing games in a more dedicated style on my days “off” like Saturday and Sunday. Those days are for more intense games or for playing the same chore games for longer periods of time.

Wish me luck, I have about 20 games on the chore list, and chores would take about an hour or two a day. I have to play my Rise and Shiny game for about 2 hours a day, and stream for one hour.

We’ll see how it goes.






Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.

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