A (new?) obsession with mobile gaming and living

Over the last year or so I have become obsessed with living simply and mobile. I want to reduce the amount of stuff I have….so much stuff. Granted, my house is clean and looks nowhere near the hoarder-styled houses in my neighborhood, but I want to be able to have very minimal art on my walls and a wireless office.

This includes gaming, writing about games, and communicating all mobily. Mobile. Mobilish. You know what I mean.

I have been tinkering with the idea of using my netbook or notebook as an all-in-one device that makes and takes my calls, streams my gameplay and writes my articles. I can carry it anywhere and communicate from anywhere. And, more importantly, I can blog or track my life from anywhere. Perhaps it’s some sort of obsession, possibly one that comes from a hope that one day when I am 75 years old I will have nearly an entire life’s worth of records to look back on. A bit of immortality. Also, it’s just fun to tweak on.

So, what to do? Find another device? That sort of defeats the purpose. I would like to use the ones I have to do the job, but I might need to invest in a better desktop so I can stream my games. Ironically I need more power than my notebook provides to stream the games that I play on my notebook.

I will begin by looking into phone calls and communication through a device. The phone works great, of course, but it is not something I could use for gaming really. I need to write as well, and while I can do it from the phone quite easily, editing would be a hassle.

I need to search out other people who have this obsession. No, I will never be one of those guys who carries around a bluetooth headset in his ear, but I would love to have my entire world stored online in the cloud, backed up in a few different places, and strapped to my side or back like I was in a freaking Anime movie.

One day this will be so common that I will be out of an obsession. Until then, I’ll look for clues.


Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it. www.beauhindman.com