Tablet, ultrabook or Chromebook? Ah, dreaming….

Here’s the deal.

I currently have one touchscreen netbook, a standard notebook, two desktops, one iPad 2, one iPhone and an Android phone. This is enough tech for a family, and I need a lot of it to test out different games on because not all games and devices are standard…yet. I have debated cancelling my cell simply because we never use the darn things. Sure, when we go out to eat we tweet and look at email on them, but we never call and rarely ever text anymore because we both work at home.

I have slowly been trying to work towards the goal of having one device to do everything on…that means playing games, writing articles and doing my social stuff. I can’t do ALL of that from a cellphone. I can do all of that from a laptop, but it would need an always-on connection for when I travel.

So, here are some choices I have been daydreaming about:

The tablet:

Something like this Galaxy Tab 10.1 is perfect. Almost. Basically it’s an Android tab with a dual-core processor. It will easily run most of my browser-based MMOs and will allow me to type up articles and edit photos, etc, but it will have a hard time with running Flash-based browser MMOs, so it’s limited. The advantage? I can get it turned on like a phone and have a monthly data plan. I could leave my actual phone off and run Skype on this all the time. I use a Skype number already, and there is a built-in text app that comes standard with this tab. Now, carrying it around with me is fine within a case or man-purse, but answering calls on it would require a simple set of headphones or just speakerphone through Skype. Remember, I rarely if ever receive or make phone calls. Everyone uses text or email now. This tablet could truly be an all-in-one device, if only it were a little more powerful.

The ultrabook:

The Ultrabook like this Dell XPS 13 is pretty damn awesome. It comes with a core i5 or 7, 4 gigs of ram and an SSD. The built-in graphics would be everything I need, but they go for around 1k-1.5k. The problem? I still have the issue of finding connection while I travel, or using it as a phone. I could run Skype through it, but unlike a tablet it will not beep or wake up if I get a call. I love these things and think that while most people will end up with tab devices, ultrabooks will be hot sellers. Their price point will drop. They are light, but offer small screens. These are just sexy.

The Chromebook

The Chromebooks are cheap and are only getting cheaper. They are essentially a netbook that runs the Chrome operating system. This means security, quick response and netbook features. They are underpowered but would easily run most of my browser-based games. You cannot download programs to the tiny 16 gig SSD, but the idea is that everything is done through the browser. I already use Google’s products for everything I do and even edit photos and stuff through the browser. They come with a free 100 megs of wireless for 2 years. That’s a tiny amount, but enough to cover when I travel and am off wifi. Calling, though? Again I run into the problem of receiving alerts like texts or calls through Skype unless this thing is open and on. Granted, it would be open and on most of the time, but still. I can always have Skype running on my former cell phone that still worked through wifi, so there’s that.

My gut instinct loves the Galaxy tab or something similar. They are getting cheaper and more powerful, and the Android ones run Flash. A notebook or netbook can allow me to still play the downloadable PC games, but I could reserve an old desktop for that as well.

Decisions, decisions. To be honest it would be a long time until I need anything new, but I like to window shop. My eventual goal is to have an all-in-device that is large enough to work on but small enough to carry with me everywhere. Leala already does with her iPad pretty much, and the Tab is lighter than that. They have a smaller version with the same proc and abilities, but I want the larger screen so I could actually write.

We’ll see. I’m staying educated so possibly when my contract is up for renewal I can replace my cell with a tab and the bill would be cheaper anyway. (None of those pesky mobile taxes.)







Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.

2 thoughts on “Tablet, ultrabook or Chromebook? Ah, dreaming….”

  1. Hey Beau. Great Post. Ive been pondering he same question. I’ve been checking out the recently announced Asus Transformer Pad 300( as well its even more recently announced Archos rival ( for non budget breaking google-centric 10 inch tablet / ultrabookish mashups. They both look pretty cool.

    1. Yeh I need something like that. I am doing all of the research early so that when I finally ready to get one I’ll be able to get something I can use a lot. Thanks!


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